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This car ride was more talkative than the last one. Pete kept asking me about myself and different things. You know random small talk.

I was just finishing telling him about my most embarrassing moment when we pulled up to a gate. It was about sunset. Pete started typing in the code so I assumed that this was his house.

Unfortunately the house was surrounded by a wall that was covered in vines and the drive way seemed to be about half a mile longs so I didn't get a good look at the house.

"Well this is my house. You'll be able to see it here in a minute. Oh I forgot to ask do you like dog's? I hope you do cause I have one." he said all In one breath.

I could tell that he was excited.

"I love dogs." I said as we continued to drive down his driveway. I was really nervous.

We drove around a curve in the driveway and his house suddenly popped into view. It was huge probably two stories but with maybe ten rooms and a HUGE backyard. His backyard had a hot tub, a pool, and a whole section for his dog to play in. Pete stopped the car and put it into park before turning to me.

"So what do you think?" he asked like he was nervous that I would completely hate it.

"WOW it's huge." I replied with my jaw hanging open.

Pete just started laughing. He got out and helped me out of the car. He grabbed my bags and went to open the door. We walked in and I was shocked even more at how nice it was on the inside. His dog came rushing at us and started jumping around at our feet.

"This is Hemmingway." Pete said while bending down to rub behind the dogs ears.

After we petted the dog for a while he led me up the stairs and into a hall way.

"This is my room." Pete said while pointing to the room at the end of the hall.

"And this is your room." he said while opening the door to the room right next to his.

We walked in and I immediately fell in love with the room. It was all purple and white.

"Wow I love it and thanks for letting me crash here." I said while giving him a hug after he set the bags I wasn't carrying down on my new bed.

"Your welcome. I will let you unpack. When your done just come downstairs and we shall order something to eat and after I will give you a tour of the house." he said while closing the door.

I proceeded to unpack all of my clothes. By the time I got done it was around seven thirty. My stomach was growling at me so I left the room to find Pete. I managed to find my way down stairs and into the kitchen. On the way here I hadn't seen Pete or Hemmingway.

"Pete?" I called out to the house hopping he would hear me.

I heard a muffled cry from some where. I Started to follow the sound until I found myself in Pete's bedroom.

"Pete?" I called looking around the room.

I was almost positive that the noise was coming from in here but I couldn't see anyone. Something made the noise again and this time I could tell that it was coming from under the bed. I walked slowly to the bed and got down on my knee's.

I started to lift up the fabric slightly scared of what I would find. I got the fabric up and started to look under the bed when Hemmingway ran out. That dog nearly scared me half to death. I started to get up again when I heard the muffled noise again from under the bed.

This time I pulled the sheet up fast and looked under the bed. I found some one's butt right in my face. It was wiggling around like whoever it was, was trying to get out. I walked around to the other side trying to find a head. I bent down again but this time I ended up staring at Pete's face.

"What are you doing and do i even want to know?" I asked him.

"OH THANK GOD YOU FOUND ME!!! I was hiding from Frohman and I ended up getting stuck. Now I can't get out. Help please." he explained while pouting trying to convince me to help him.

"Okay okay but why where you hiding from Joe?" I managed to giggle out.

"Well last time I was at his house I kind of hid all of his underwear so now that I'm out of the hospital and okay he wants to hurt me. Apparently his girlfriend didn't think it was funny. So now will you help me please!" he explained.

"fine fine." I said while getting up and trying to move the mattress.

The mattress moved a little but Pete moved with it so I knew that my original plan wouldn't work. I walked around to the side where his bottom was. I started to push against his bottom trying to get him to move out through the other side.

"OW STOP THAT HURTS!" Pete whined.

I got back up. I am now really glad that when I had changed into track pants and a hoodie that I had put up my long hair. I went over to his head and looked at him.

"What are you hooked on?" I asked trying to come up with a new solution.

"My hoodie is hooked on the bedspring things." he said while looking at me with hopeful eyes.

"Okay then take off your hoodie you should be able to get out after that." I said hopping my plan would work.

"But it's my favorite hoodie I don't want to leave it under here it will get all cold and lonely. It will start getting depressed cause it'll think I don't love it then it will commit suicide. Do you want to be responsible for the death of my favorite hoodie? And don't forget that all of my other hoodies that love this one will hate you for it." he said.

I was staring at him like he was an idiot hopping that he was just joking.

"Okay after you get out I will crawl under and unhook it and give it back." I said trying to coax him out from under the bed.

"Well I guess." he said as he started to slip out of his hoodie.

I stood back up and waited, hoping that my plain would work. After a few minutes he came out. His face was slightly red but other than that he looked okay. I bent down and wiggled under the bed to the hoodie. Now that he wasn't in it I could easily unhook it and lucky for me I didn't get stuck.

"Here." I said while handing him his beloved hoodie.

Suddenly I could here someone bounding up the stairs and I was guess they where coming towards this room. Pete grabbed my hand and yanked me into the closet with him. He shut the door and motioned for me to be quiet. I obeyed but I don't think I could have talked if i wanted to.

How close we were in the closet made me feel weird. My heart was beating faster, I was tongue tied, and I could hardly breath. Do I have feelings for him? No it couldn't be I must be claustrophobic or something.

I focused on the crack of light shining through the doors. I could see Joe looking around. Suddenly I got a brilliant idea.

"Pete call Patrick and tell him to call Joe and tell him that he left the stove on." I said while looking over at Pete.

"Joe doesn't cook." he said while silently laughing.

"Okay Patrick can say that Joe left a joint lit." I said hopping that I wouldn't offend him.

He started laughing harder. I could tell he was having trouble to keep it silent.

"That would work." Pete said as he took out his cell and called Patrick.

I looked up as Joe's cell began to ring.

After he got off the phone he yelled "I'll get you back later Pete!" before running off.

We waited in the closet until we heard his car started and he drove away. We both got out and just stood and stared at each other. Then we busted out laughing. I'm so glad that the ice between us had been broken. I don't think I will be so uncomfortable here any more.

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