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He's just that guy!

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Sorry if its short. Writer block... =(

"That bitch!" The man said throw his neatly placed books onto the floor. Suddenly there was knock at the door.

"Who is it," He yelled angrily.


"Shit..." He mumbled. He fixed his posture and tried to rub a few ketchup stains off his old dirty wife-beater.
He opened the door and chuckled a little. "This is the police?" He said looking at Officer Ross.

Ryan sighed. "Ryan Mason, Your under arrest."

"Oh?" He laughed.


Ashley grabbed a bag of lays chips and smiled. She didn't know why, she just did.

She was pretty proud of herself today, even though her pride won't last very long.

"No body move!" A guy in a ski mask and black shirt yelled. He held a gun up threateningly.

The cashier ducked under the counter and the costumers hid behind the store shelves.

"Now, I can walk out here with what I want and nobody gets hurt." He said in a gentle tone.

"Here talk the money! Just don't hurt me!" The cashier said throwing the money out.

"Keep your money. I came here for that." He pointed towards Ashley.

"Shit..." She cussed. She tried to run out the exit but the man shot at the window.

"Don't move!"

She froze. The man grabbed her and pulled her out the store.

"Get off me!" She yelled.

"Hey! Hey! Stop! Its Officer Urie!" He said removing the mask.

"What the hell!?" She yelled.

"Come with me I'll explain everything."

So she did. They walked to a diner near by. And talked.

"...So we had to make it look like you disappeared."

"My brothers alive?" She said stunned.

"We believe so. You can cut the act. We found evidence that proves he was the killer." He said cutting a piece of sausage from his plate.

"So, what do you want from me?" Ashley questioned.

"What we want is...for you to help us." He smiled.

"I can't."

"We need you to testify against him. Or else."

"He'll kill me!"

"We'll protect you." He said in a softer voice than her.

"You can't!"

"We will."

She sighed. Her choices were limited and her chances were slim. She nodded. "I-I'll help."
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