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Watch who your calling asshole Geetard

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Mikey makes an appearence

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"Oooow... My head..." Gerards voice was quiet and high pitched, his throat probably sore from last nights boozing.... and the night before... and the night before the night before... and then the night before that and... yeah. You get the picture.
"Morning princess." I said coldly, Gerards eye lids rose slowly as he followed my voice to the window where I was sat on a chair, an old comic book in my hands.
"Frankie..." He stared at me with sad, tired eyes, and I sighed as I got off the chair and walked over to the bed. I sat on the edge and ran my fingers gently through his bed hair.
"How you feeling? You were pretty bad last night." I commented. Gee looked away from me with guilty eyes, he was as pale as he was last night and I knew he had the hangover I had wished on him.
"Not good to be honest... my head is killing me, I need a beer." He went to sit up but stopped, swaying dangerously and clutching his stomach. "Oh..." He groaned, I sighed and pushed him back against the pillows, shaking my head.
"No. You need a paracetamol, and a sick bucket. Your staying in bed today and getting over this hangover. No alcohol, I'll make you a coffee." I smiled brightly at his horrified expression and jumped to my feet, I knew if he didnt feel so lousy he'd fight me for a beer - his usual hangover cure. But at least with him feeling so bad he had to stay in bed, maybe if he didnt drink today then he would need to tommorow, or the next day... In my head this seemed like a perfect plan. In my heart I knew it would never work.
I waited patiently for the kettle to boil, throwing the paracetamol box high into the air and catching it again and again. My own head hurt a little, but I knew this was just because I worried about Gerard all the time, it was something I had grown used to. I had just finished making the coffee when my cell phone began to ring, I already knew who it would be before even looking at the screen. Mikey - calling at 11:00 am just like every day. I balanced the phone on my shoulder as I put the right amount of sugar into the coffee, stirring it as I spoke.
"Hey Mikes."
"Hey Frankie, how is he this morning?" There used to be a time when the question was - did he drink last night? But now Mikey had got so used to the answer being yes he didnt bother.
"Eerm... I'd say about a seven, havent really spoke much about it yet." I said, me and Mikey had a scale now for hangovers that went from one to ten, something we had created about a month ago to easier speak about Gerards 'problem'.
"Uhm... thats bad, how bad was he last night?" Mikey asked. I sighed and layed the spoon down, holding the phone properly.
"Pretty bad, I'd say a borderline eight -" Another scale we had, ten being pretty much dead. "I found him alone in the bathroom, passed out, empty vodka bottle. The usual. He was really pale, shallow breathing, weak pulse. I got him in the recovery position and after a while he woke up and was sick and then I got him straight to bed. Slept right through till this morning." I heard Mikey sigh on the other line.
"Fucking hell..." He growled, he was just as sick as I was about Gerards drinking, and it hurt him more since Gerard blankly refused to let Mikey try and talk to him, or help him. Mikey sighed again.
"But other than the hangover he's okay this morning?" He asked. I nodded and said yes. There was a small pause and when Mikey next spoke his voice was soft. "What about you Frank? How are you holding up?" Tears instantly pricked in my eyes, making me angry at myself. Mikey was the only one who didnt get annoyed at me for not some how managing to make Gee stop, he was the only one who really cared how I was coping and he always checked up on me.
"I'm okay." I said, coughing to try and fight back the tears. "Ya' know... its difficult and I didnt get sleep last night cos' I was watching him and...." I took a deep breath and continued. "Its hard Mikey, I hate seeing him like this and I'm exhausted. But its okay." I tried to sound brave but Mikey could tell how much I needed to calm down.
"Do you want me to come round, I'll take care of him and give you a break." He offered. I couldnt help but laugh at the idea.
"Come on Mikes, you know how annoyed Gee'll get." Mikey tutted on the other line and I could almost hear the grimace on his face.
"Well, he'll have to live with it wont he? I'm his little brother and its high time he started treating me like it. I'll be ten minutes." I opened my mouth to tell him it was okay but he had already hung up, I sighed and put my phone back into my pocket, feeling a little relieved that Mikey was coming round. I grabbed the coffee and tablets and walked back to the bedroom.
"Who was on the phone?" Asked Gerard, he didnt know about Mikeys daily calls, I tried to keep them secret.
"Just Mikey, he's coming over." I said casually, handing Gee two pills and his coffee, dry swallowing a pill myself for my head. Gerard scowled and swallowed his pills.
"Why's he coming round?" He demanded. I shrugged and sat down on the edge of the bed, running a hand through my hair. "He better not be planning to give me another lecture because if he does then -"
"Then what!?" I snarled, cutting him off. He snapped his mouth shut and looked at me with surprised eyes. "He's your little brother Gerard he has every fucking right to be worried about you. And I think you should listen to him, dont you see what your doing to yourself?" I demanded. Gerard looked away from me and tapped his fingers on the side of the coffee cup.
"Of course I do. I just cant help it... I've already admitted I'm an alcoholic, what more do you want me to do?" He asked. I couldnt believe he was asking me this, I wanted to hit him.
"Do something about it. Get help, quit, you know I'll help you through it." I said desperately, but just like all the other times he shook his head. No.
"I cant, you dont understand." He said quietly.
"Then HELP me understand." I begged, but he only shook his head once more. I opened my mouth to really start complaining when there was a knock at the door. I sighed and got to my feet.
"Drink your coffee. You'll feel better." I said moodily, leaving the room.
Mikey must have noticed the annoyance on my face because as soon as I opened the door he looked sympathetically at me and pulled me into a tight embrace. I returned it with a sigh of relief.
"Hey Mikester..." I sighed.
"Hey." Mikey pulled back and walked into the apartment, closing the door behind him. "Where is he?" He asked, a mischevious smile on his face. What was he planning?
"In the bedroom. I just gave him a coffee and some painkillers." I said. Mikey nodded and laid a hand on my shoulder.
"You look exhausted Frank. Why dont you crash on the sofa, I'll take care of Gee." He said warmly, I gave him a thankful smile and he grinned at me before walking into the bedroom. As I walked over to the sofa and laid down I heard his extremely loud greeting to hungover Gerard.
"Afternoon bitch! Guess whose come to baby sit!" I smiled to myself and curled up, giggling a little as I heard Gerard groan.
"Mikeeeey. I dont need you to babysit asshole."
"Watch who your calling asshole Geetard. And I do need to babysit since you got smashed YET again, and poor Frank is practically dead on his feet so he's getting some well deserved sleep while I make sure you dont go and do something stupid. Now shut your mouth and be a good boy now otherwise I'll have to wack you over your hungover head." How Mikey managed to make all that sound so cheerful I'll never know, and I was suddenly extremely grateful that he was here, and as he began the very lecture Gerard had been fearing I drifted off into a deep sleep.
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