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Either that or your pregnant

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When I awoke my head felt heavy from being so deep asleep and the window looking out onto night caused me to become disorientated and to wonder what day it was. How long had I been asleep? I groggily sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, catching the scent of tomatoes as I ran a hand through my messed hair.
"Mi - key?" I yawned, looking over to the kitchen where Mikey was whistling to himself, stood over a hot stove. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at me.
"Oh hey Frankie, feeling okay?" He asked brightly. I stumbled to my feet and walked over to him feeling like I was made of lead.
"Yeah. How long have I been asleep?" I asked.
"Hours dude, I was gonna wake you up at lunchtime but you were sleeping so soundly I didnt have the heart to. Its now -" Mikey looked over at the clock and continued. "Eight at night, hope your hungry. I'm making tomatoe pasta." Mikey smiled warmly at me and I looked at the deep red contents in the pan, Mikey was a great cook and the food smelt delicious, making my stomach rumble.
"I'll take that to be a 'yes Mikey, I'm starving, your food is simply the best, better than sex, please let me have an orgy in my mouth'" I laughed and hit Mikey playfully on the arm.
"Shut up mini Way, talking of which, wheres big Way?" I asked. Mikey laughed and began hunting through the fridge, emerging with a courgette in his hand which he began to chop.
"Taking a shower, he only got out of bed about half an hour ago, he saw you sleeping on the sofa and just started bawling." Mikey said casually, my eyes growing wide in shock.
"What? Why?" I cried. Mikey grinned at me and put the chopped courgette into the pan.
"He said he felt so bad for making you get so tired all the time, and that he was an idiot and that you deserved better and a whole heap of stuff like that. I'm hoping it means he'll stop drinking now..." Mikey looked over at the bathroom door with doubtful eyes and I shook my head.
"I doubt it, if it all takes is for me to sleep on the sofa then I'll start doing it more often." Mikey laughed and did one last stir of the pasta before leaving it to cook and leaning his back on the work top.
"Hm... you still look exhausted, you sure you dont need to sleep some more?" He asked. I sat down on one of the stools and shook my head as Mikey began making us both a coffee.
"Nah, I've already wasted the day sleeping, I'm not wasting all the night too. Besides, its the first night in a long time that Gee hasnt been drunk - you sure he hasnt sneaked any drink into the bathroom with him?" I asked. Mikey grimaced and handed me my coffee, taking a sip of his own.
"Nah, I would have seen if he did. Besides, I cleared the house of all the booze I could find while you were both sleeping, he may have a secret stash somewhere but I couldnt find any." He said thoughtfully.
"Thanks Mikes." I smiled. He tilted his head to the side and smiled warmly.
"For what?" He questioned.
"For today, it means a lot." I said truthfully. Mikeys laugh was soft and warm, making me feel happier than I had in a while.
"Dont be stupid Frank, it means a lot to me that your always helping Gee. I just wish I could do more, but you know how adament Gee is that I dont help him. He's a true idiot, I dont see why you stick with him." He said it carefully, trying not to offend me and I nodded, sipping my coffee.
"I dont see it either. I just love him, its as simple as that." I said honestly.
"Hm, sometimes I dont know whether thats sweet or just stupid." Said Mikey with a small pout of concentration. God, how much he reminded me of Gee before he had started drinking.
"Probably just stupid." I laughed, Mikey chuckling along with me. At that moment Gee walked out of the bathroom looking considerably pissed off, a towel round his waist.
"Hey Geetard, why so glum?" Called Mikey, he got the middle finger in response and then Gerard dissapeared into the bedroom. Mikey snorted fondly and went back to the pasta.
"How do you do it Mikey?" I asked quietly. Mikey turned round looking confused.
"Well... its really not complicated Frank, its just pasta, tomato puree, tin tomato, vegetables, you can add red wine if you like -"
"Not the pasta." I giggled. Mikey looked confused.
"Oh, then how do I do what?" He asked.
"Cope so well with the whole Gee thing. I mean, you two had the strongest brotherly bond I've ever seen, and though your still close I cant see how this isnt tearing you apart." I said quietly. Mikey smiled to himself as he began spooning the pasta onto a plate.
"It does tear me apart, much more than I'd let show. But I dont have to live with him so its not like I see it a lot, and definitely not when he's at his worse. Not like you have to, I have to be strong for him, and for you. For all his friends and for my parents. I'm in awe of how strong you are too Frankie." He gave me an earnest look as my lips parted slightly.
"Me? I'm not strong, I just spent the whole day sleeping!" I cried. Mikey laughed and turned towards the bedroom.
"DINNERS READY BRO!" He yelled before turning back to me. "You are strong Frankie, you've lived with this 24/7 for months and months now, if you werent so strong then you probably would've have had a nervouse break down by now." I laughed half heartedly as Mikey began laying the plates down on the small table.
"I think I'm on the verge of one." I said playfully, though it was completely true. Mikey nodded seriously and folded his arms.
"I'd be amazed if you werent. Everyone has to break down some point, I already did months ago I just never told you cos' I didnt want you to worry. If you didnt have a breakdown with in this month I think I would've accused you of being some weird robot alien from planet Plog. Just, when you do break down - cos I can tell you probably will, just come to see me. I'll take care of Gee and give you a break for a week or two." Mikey smiled warmly and I sighed with relief knowing that he didnt expect to be strong much longer, it was calming to know that I was able to breakdown whenever I wanted and Mikey would help me. I got off my stool and walked over to him, allowing him to pull me into a tight hug. I buried my face into his neck, breathing in the scent that was so like Gerards before the drink, tanlgling my fingers into his soft hair, something I loved to do to Gee but it was different now, I couldnt be close to him when he was drunk all the time.
"Thanks Mikey... for everything." I whispered.
"Its no problem." Mikey smiled, breaking the hug and smiling at me just as Gerard walked in, pulling on a shirt.
"Man I'm starving. You sure I cant have one little drink?" He asked. Mikey and I both glared at him and cried No.
"Drink wont stop you being hungry Gee, so have some pasta instead. Besides, you need to cut down on the drink majorly, not just cos your an alcoholic, but I think your getting a beer belly there." Mikey said, a look of seriousness on his face. Gerard looked horrified and lifted his shirt, looking down at his stomach.
"What do you mean you think?" He asked. Mikey and I sat down at the table as he answered.
"Well, I'm not sure. Its either a beer belly or your pregnant." He said casually, reaching for the bread.
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