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If I stumble and fall will you pick up the pieces?

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The night with Mikey went well, Gerard didnt have a single drink and even though he was pissy there were moments when it felt just like the old times. Before all the booze. I was sad to see Mikey leave but he promised (and warned in Gerards case) to visit more often. I felt happier than I had in a long time and I even slept in the bed with Gee, something I hadnt been doing recently because Gerard had always been drunk and I was too worried to sleep. We snuggled up close to eachother and I stayed awake stroking his black hair long after he had fallen asleep, savouring the feeling of knowing he was sober. I felt certain that everything would be okay now, that things would just go back to normal after just one night. I fell asleep with these comforting thoughts in my head.
When I woke up I was shocked to find that Gerard wasnt there. I rolled over and looked at the time, it was midday, it had been ages since I slept in for so long. I stumbled out of bed and pulled on some jeans as I made my way to the kitchen, expecting to find Gerard there. But there was nothing.
"Gerard!?" I called, wandering through to the living room, scratching the back of my head. He wasnt there either and I had got no reply to my call. Maybe he had gone out... but where? Berts? I shook this thought out of my head quickly, it was the most likely but I didnt want to think it, for now I would convince myself he was with Mikey, or Bob or Ray. Or even visiting his parents. Anyone but Bert.
I showered and got dressed quickly, snatching up my cell phone to see if I had any messages, the screen lit up to announce I had a missed call. I rang the answer phone to hear the message - it was from Gee.
Hey Frankiie. He slurred, giggling madly along with someone else. Someone with a high pitched giggle. Just ringing to see if you wanted to come hang out with me and Bert, but I guess your not up yet. Unlike Bert here. More giggling. Ah well, I'll talk to you later on. Love you Babes. Giggling. Yeah love you babes. This time it was Bert who spoke - I presumed since I'd never actually met the man. There was yet more giggling and then they hung up, I kept my phone against my ear even though the dialling tone had sounded and a cool female voice was now telling me "You have no more messages... to delete this message press one... to replay the message press two... to call this number press three... you have no more messages.... to delete this message -" I clicked the cancel button and rammed my phone angrily into my pocket, the motherfucker had gone to that bastards house and got pissed yet again. No doubt he would crawl in at some god forsaken hour for me to clean him up yet again.
"No. I'm not doing this anymore." I declared, Storming out of the room and into the hallway, grabbing my jacket as I went. I text Mikey as I made my way to my car, asking him if I could come over, I had only just got into the drivers seat when my phone vibrated, signalling I had a text. It was Mikey.
'Course U can. Wers G? Has sumfin happend?'
'Tell U wen I gt der' I text back, pushing my phone into my pocket and starting the engine, putting on my Thursday CD to try and take my mind off my anger as I reversed out of my parking spot, Mikey didnt live too far away and I would be there with in ten minutes, and then I would be free to rant and rave and breakdown as much as I wanted.

"Hey Frank." Said Mikey once he had opened the door. I stepped inside without a word and Mikey sensed the anger I was feeling. "Tell me whats happened." He said gently and I kicked my shoes off before spinning round and waving my arms around as I cried.
"He fucked off to fucking Berts house AGAIN! I cant even sleep now without him buggering off somewhere - I woke up and he was gone, when he left only flamin god knows, and he had the guts to leave me a message asking me to come and hang out with them! He was completely smashed and giggling and telling me Bert had got it up, at least I think thats what he was insinuating and I cant believe I was so stupid as to think that everything would be okay now just because he hadnt had anything to drink for one night and I'm such a fucking idiot and I cant believe he doesnt see how much he's killing all the people who care about him and I hate him and I love him and for FUCKS SAKE!" I gripped my face in my hands and screamed as loud as I could, wishing I could just rip out my stomach so all the anger bubbling inside it could spill out onto the floor and leave me alone.
"Frank - calm down!" Cried Mikey, grabbing my wrists and pulling my hands away from my face, I took one look at his concerned expression and burst into tears, my strength abandoning me, my knees giving way, causing me to sink to the floor, pulling Mikey with me. He dropped my wrists and pulled me into a tight hug, hushing me and rubbing my back as I clung to him, sobbing into his shoulder.
"W - why does he d - do this - to - oo us?" I whined gripping Mikeys shirt so tight in my fists my nails were digging into my palms even through the fabric.
"Shh, its okay Frankie. We'll get him to stop, come on, dont cry, it'll be okay in the end." He whispered, not complaining about the fact I was getting his shirt all damp.
"Mikey I dont want to love him.... is that bad?" I whimpered. There was a pause as Mikey continued to rock me, he seemed to be thinking about it and I felt bad for even asking.
"No. No its not bad Frank. Its just a shame that he's driven you to this - hey. Didnt I tell you that you'd have a breakdown soon?" He teased, I leaned back and giggled a little, sniffling. Mikey smiled and brushed my tears away tenderly with the pad of his thumb. Moving to brush my hair back and then leaning forward, for a second I thought he was going to kiss me and I tensed, but then he stopped and smiled, whispering in my ear.
"I got a new coffee machine. I wasnt gonna share it with anyone but it does a great chocolate mocha. Want one?" He asked. I giggled again and wiped my nose as I nodded, silly me thinking he was going to kiss me, I was getting paranoid is all. Mikey was still just my friend, like he always had been.
"Come on then." He said brightly, getting to his feet and helping me to my mine. He put his arm round me as he walked into the kitchen, I sat down at his table as he began pressing an assortment of buttons on his very high tech looking coffee machine. He placed two cups in the right place and then sat down opposite me as the coffee machine began to pur behind him.
"So. Whats all this about a message?" He asked. I pulled my phone from my pocket and called the answer phone, passing my cell to Mikey as soon as the message was about to play. Mikey took it from me and pressed it to his ear, listening carefully. I watched as his expression changed from non chalant to upset, and then angry. When the message was finished he handed me my phone back as he shook his head.
"That bastard." He snarled. "Of all the low things he could do -"
"He was drunk." I pointed out meekly.
"Thats no excuse!" He cried, then he looked apologetically at me and ran a hand through his hair. "Sorry. I didnt mean to shout." He said gently. I nodded, understanding completely. This was getting to all of us. We decided then to drop the subject, after all, we had talked about Gerard and his drinking many times so there was nothing new that we could say and complaining about it would only make things worse. So as we waited for the coffees there was an awkward conversation about Bob and Rays camping trip they were currently on, and whether we thought they had been eaten by bears yet. We smiled and laughed in all the right places but I could tell neither of us were interested, our thoughts were on Gerard and what he was most likely doing.
I hoped I was wrong.
Soon the kitchen was filled with the warm aroma of coffee and chocolate and I felt instantly soothed, Mikey seemed to relax a little too and declared that we should go into the living room and put on a film or something as we drank our coffee. I agreed, deciding it would help take my mind off things, so we gathered our drinks and a bag of cookies and made our way into the living room, deciding on Sleepy Hollow...
"Frankie... Frankie..." I felt someone poke my shoulder and I groaned, slowly opening my eyes to see Mikey leaning over me. He smiled when he saw I was awake and settled back into his seat.
"Did I fall asleep?" I yawned, slowly sitting up.
"Yeah, you got about half an hour into the movie and then when I looked at you again you were out like a light." Mikey chuckled. I rubbed my eyes.
"Oh god Mikey I'm so sorry." I quickly apologized, making him laugh again.
"Dont be silly Frank. Theres no reason to apologise." He said kindly. I smiled at him and then caught sight of the time. It was three in the afternoon and though I knew Gee wouldnt be back for a long time yet I wanted to get home.
"Um. I better be going. Thanks for the coffee Mikes." I said, getting to my feet. Mikey looked upset but nodded anyway, getting up too and following me to the door.
"Dont worry about Gerard, okay? He's just being an idiot and we're gonna help him okay. Feel free to come round any time you like, or ring me and I'll come to you." He said, I stopped on the doorstep, Mikey stood in the doorway as I thanked him.
"Your a great friend Mikey, I appreciate everything you do for me." I said quietly, Mikey leaned forward and pressed his lips softly to my cheek, my eyes grew wide and my heart fluttered but Mikey was as casual as ever.
"Get home safely." He said quietly, his breath tickling my ear. I nodded as a sudden urge to grab and kiss him took over me, I bit my lip and fought it back as I turned and hurried down the driveway, getting into my car. And then the feeling was gone as suddenly as it had came, I waved to Mikey out of my window as I drove away and he waved back, a cute smile on his face. My heart fluttered again and I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts.
No. I was not, in any way at all, falling for Mikey.
I couldnt. Not now.

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