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Chapter 1

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I was sitting at the lunch table with my two best friends Rose and Becca. Rose was the loudmouth of the group, she didnt care what anyone thought about her no matter what anyone said to her she would just stand up for herself, so basically she was the strongest person in the group. Now Becca, well she isnt much of a talkative person, shy actually, shes not rlly good round new people but once she gets to know them better she comes out of her shell abit. Shes easily hurt, you say one wrong thing to her or about her she will burst out cryin shes very sensitive. To be honest i hated her for that. Ok so about me well theres nottin much to say about me, I'm not a loudmouth but neither am i shy. Actully I'm inbetween, some days I can be a Rose and other days I can be a Becca, depends if im having a good or a bad day really.

As I was sayin I was sitting at the lunch table with my two best friends Rose and Becca chatting about the usual stuff music, boys and more music. Then I noticed three boys walking toward us, the short one asked if we minded them sitting with us.

"Oh ccourse n-not be my guest." I stuttered.
They sat down then the short boy spoke again, "Sorry I'm being rude I'm Frank, that's Gerard." He pointed to the boy with the longish shaggy black hair, I had to admit he was very cute definately my type.
"And my other friend here is Mikey." Mikey was taller then the other two, he looked like the shy type he had the whole nerdy look to him too.

"Well nice to meet you, Im Nicola this is Rose and the one hiding behind her hair is Becca." I replyed back.
Frank smirked a little in Becca's direction she realised this and looked away. The school bell rang telling us it was time for the next lesson and lunch was over.
"erm.. Frank we gotta go now" Gerard said in a hurried tone. "Well nice looking at you Becca it would hav been even better to have talked but you looked to busy hiding away" Frank walked away with his friends.

"Becca why didnt you talk to him" Rose suddenly blurted out. "Your so stupid sometimes everytime any boy takes an interest in you you always hide. No wonder you've never had a boyfriend."
"Well... wait you really think he was interested in me. Damn it why do i never notice these things." Becca said while walking away Rose and I just followed.
"Ok Becks next time you see him talk to him. We gotta go now, come on Rose." I dragged her away. I heard Becca shout, "But what will I say to him." I just pretended not to hear and went to my lesson with Rose.

Ok ok rlly rlly bad beginnin but i cant think straight at the moment im rlly sorry i will try nd make it betta
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