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Chapter 2

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The School day ended, Rose and I were on our way to meet Becca at the lockers as usual when we saw her talking to Frank. We decided to stay back a while until she was finished talking. As soon as we saw him walk away we ran over to Becca. "Sooo...?" I questioned. "What?" Did she have no idea what i was talking bout. "We just saw Frank talking to you. What happened?" Rose blurted out. "Oh that. Well nothing happened he just kinda...... asked me out!"

"Eeeek." Rose Squealed.

"Dude, Do you have to squeal so loud right in my ear!?!" I said, while checking to make sure she didn't bust any of my eardrums.

"Sorry Nic but its so exciting for her I just couldn't help it. So when's he taking you out?"

"Tonight, around 6-ish. I told him to pick me up at Nic's house."

"Wait... What... Why!?!" I was about to get an answer but Rose interrupted by grabbing hold of Becca and me. "No time for her to explain we gotta get to your house and help her choose what to wear"

We come outside to the nice cool fall breeze and the sky was clear but the weather was windy we started walkin on the way to my house preparing Becca for her date. We only talked a little i was mostly in my thoughts of course not noticing what im doin and just kept walkin i was takin out of my thoughts by Rose who punched me on the arm trying to get my attention.

"Ow!!!" She had a pretty hard punch on her. "What was that for?!"
"That's for not listening to what I've been saying. You were in your own little world again. What were you thinking bout this time huh??"
"Oh was I... it don't matter, let's just get Becca sorted for tonight."

We walked a couple more blocks until I was home, I started looking around in my bag for my keys. "Aw shit!!"
"What?" Rose and Becca said in unison.
"I can't find my keys, Damn it!"
Rose started to bang on the door, "Theres no point in knocking no ones in."
"Well we can't just sit here and wait for your mum to get back from where ever she is we have 2 hours before Frank comes to pick Becca up."

"Hey, what's the problem?" Said a voice that came out of nowhere. "Looks like you need some help." I turned round to see a girl around our age standing just outside of the driveway. "Yeah, We're kinda locked out and we really need to get in."
"Oh, well lucky I'm here, I can help!" She said with a grin on her face. "Any one of you got anything thin and sharp with you?"
Becca started rummaging in her bag, "Erm.. would a paperclip do?"
"Perfect!" Becca handed the paperclip to the strange girl. She unwound the paper clip so it looked kind of like a needle, then stuck it in the key hole playing around with the lock. After about 2 minutes the door swung open. "Voila, step inside ladies." And there was the grin again, she was starting to make me feel a little uneasy.

"Oh yeah, almost forgot my names Julia, but everyone else just calls me Julez." I was just about to introduce myself when Julez butted in.
"So which one of you girl's is Becca?"
"Erm... th..that would be me!" Becca stepped forward. "Oh right, your not usually the kinda girl that my brother goes for."
"Brother?" Rose Questioned. "Yea, the one and only Frank Iero he's my brother alright, anyway he told me to come round and tell Becca that he's gonna be coming a bit later. So anyone going to invite me in?"
There was no need to invite her in she just walked straight past us through the door.

"HEYY, WHERE'S THE FOOD IM FAMISHED!!" She shouted from the living room. I just looked at Rose and Becca all our faces blank.
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