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Chapter 3

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Rose walked over to the kitchen and sat down on a chair she looked around the room and Becca and me were still blank until i looked at the clock and gasped ''only a hour and a half left'' i yelled out loud. Becca looked at me then i grabbed her and ran up stairs, Rose on the other hand got nervous then looked at Julez and smiled weakly '' going to go with them.....uhhh come on...!''

I dragged Becca to my room, I didn't even bother making my bed this morning, my bedroom was a total mess. All the clothes I own were covering the floor, you couldn't even see any of my Laminate Flooring because of them. My mum always tells me I should have been born a boy because I'm such a messy person.
"What are we waiting for?" Rose asked walking through the door Julez walking not far behind her. "Come on! We gotta find some clean clothes in all this mess."
We all started throwing clothes about looking for something clean, Julez was just sitting on my bed watching us and laughing to herself.
"What's so funny?" Rose said not looking very amused by Julez laughter.
"Haha! You do know there is a basket of clean laundry behind the door right?"
"I was just getting to that." I said, clueless that it was actually there. "Yeah right." I heard Julez say under her breath.

I took the basket and put it on my bed, thank god for my mothers obssessive cleaning. "Becca over here come pick what you want." Becca shuffled through the clothes on the floor over to me. "You know what maybe I shouldn't go out tonight." "Oh No you don't, your going tonight whether you like it or not." Rose said objecting to what Becca had said.
"Pass me the basket I'll find some clothes for her, it's gonna take all night the way you three girls are going at this rate."
Julez starting throwing clothes towards Becca. "Go put those on Frank's gonna love them."
Becca moved towards the bathroom to get changed, Rose followed her, Leaving me and Julez alone together.

Julez just looked at me giving me the blankest stare ever then she followed with a laugh! i didn't know what to say. Like I said before she makes me feel really uneasy, I didn't really know how to act round her. At that moment I decided to break the silence.
"Can I ask you a question?" I asked hesitantly.
"Okay, What's with all the attitude you use towards us?"
"Attitude?" She sounded confused.
"You know the way you've been talking to us like your better then us or something."

Just when Julez was about to say something back to me Becca walked into the room, Rose following her.
"Ta Da!! You like?" Rose said fussing round Becca.
She was wearing my faveourite Misfits T-shirt, a pair of black skinnies and her Pink converse.
"Ooo wait, put these on too." Julez took off her gloves and threw them to Becca. "Thanks."
"Now for your hair, you wanna wear it up or down?"
"Well with the shape of her face it should stay down, just straighting it and your gonna look perfect.."

We were just finishing doing Becca's hair when we heard something vibrate.
"Oh thats me." Julez said taking a Cell Phone out of her pocket, she flipped her phone up and put it against her ear.

"Hey Bro, Whats up.... mmmhhmm... yea she's all ready for you..... Yes, i've been on my best behaviour... Ok... ok... See ya soon bye."

"I'm guessing that was Frank ?" Rose said.
"Yep sure was."
Everyone looked at her as if she was mad.
"Oooh, you wanna know what he said."
"Well yea it would be nice to know Julez." I said trying to rush her.
"He'll be here in 10." She smiled.

"Make-up, Rose. MAKE-UP!!! get it on her we ain't done that yet." We were all rushing around now, while Julez was just killing herself laughing at us.
"Glad you find this funny." I said sarcastically.

"Was that the doorbell?" Becca asked.
"I'll get it!" Julez jumped off the bed and ran to the door.
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