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A Little Piece of Heaven

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“Yes! Yes Gerard!” he said, jumping up and down like a girl. It was so cute. “Well, come here so I can put he ring on you silly.” I said with a giggle. Che came around the table and sat ...

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I leaned over Frank, kissing him deeply. He struggled for dominance, but gave into me not long after. I left his mouth, leaving a trail of kisses down his neck.

“Fuuck…Gerard….” He moaned as my hands roamed under his shirt. I slipped his shirt off and continued kissing around his neck. I could feel him become hard, so I decided to help him by undoing his jeans and slid them off with ease, leaving him only in his red boxers. I felt his hands on my back, lifting my shirt up and over my head as I undid my jeans and about to slide them off.

“Please, let me Gerard.” He hissed in my ear. I allowed him to pull them down, but he made sure they rubbed against my painful erection.

“Are you sure you’re ready Frank?” I asked

“Fuuck yesss…” he moaned

So I pulled his boxers off, exposing him to me. I felt his hands slide down my sides and practically ripped my boxers off me. I put one of my hands up to my mouth and sucked on them for lubrication. With my lips returning to his, I let my hand down slowly, ready to enter him.


He was being painfully slow, but I could tell that he was trying to be careful with me. As if I was going to break with a wrong move. All of a sudden, he inserted two fingers into me.

“Mmm…ahhh” I groaned, as he then slid in a third finger.

“You ready babe?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yesss…Gerard…” I really was. I didn’t want anyone else. I only wanted Gerard.

He took out his fingers and replaced it with his hard erect cock. It hurt a bit, because I was really tense. But after a couple of more thrusts and changes of angles, immense pleasure took over. We found our rhythm, with Gerard rocking back and forth. I felt like I was in complete and utter ecstasy. Our body heat rose higher than what I was now used to, causing a slight sweat.

“Fuuck…Gee, I'm gonna…” I moaned in his ear.

“Me too…let go for me.” he moaned back, taking my throbbing cock in his hand and started to pump me. With a few more thrusts and a couple more pumps, I felt Gerard twitch inside of me, and I came into his hand. He brought up his hand, slurping he collected cum.

“You…are the most…fucking amazing person…in the entire world Frank Iero.” Gerard sighed as he lied down next to me.

“Trust me.” I said, giving him a peck on the cheek, “No one is as amazing as you.”

“Thanks babe. Eww…I feel all sweaty. Something I haven't been in a long time…shower?” he asked.

“Lets go.” I said, pulling Gerard up behind me and leading him into the bathroom. As we stood under the warm running water, we engaged in one of our most passionate kisses yet.


“Yeah hun.”

“Can I ask you something? Something important.” He asked me in a serious tone

“Yeah. Can we get out of the shower first?”

“Sure. I guess it can wait a minute.”

We stepped out of the shower and dried off. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked into the bedroom and pulled out a pair of boxers and a hoodie out of the drawers. When I finished getting dressed, I went out into the kitchen and made Gerard and me some coffee. I grabbed my cup as soon as it was ready and went and sat down at the table. A couple of minutes later, Gerard came out and joined me.

“So…What do you need to ask me Gee?”


Okay, I thought to myself. It’s now or never.

“Frankie, do you really love me?” I asked, possibly already knowing the answer.

“Of corse I do Gee honey. What makes you think I don’t?”

“Well, I was hoping…maybe…umm…” I trailed off

“Gerard? What is it?” he said, with a look of concern apon his face.

“W-Will y-you m-ma me?” I whispered, not making any sense at all. Not even to myself.

“W-What Gerard? You gonna have to speak up a…”

“Will you m-marry me?” I cut him off, pulling out a small, black velvet box reviling a gold band.

“Oh my God…” he said, mouth wide open.

“It’s okay if you don’t…I mean, I’d understand if…”


“What?” Did he just say ‘yes’? Or was it my mind messing with me?

“Yes! Yes Gerard!” he said, jumping up and down like a girl. It was so cute.

“Well, come here so I can put he ring on you silly.” I said with a giggle. Che came around the table and sat on my lap. I took his hand and slid the ring on with ease. Thank God it fits him I thought. I cupped his face in my hands, calming him down immediately.

“I love you Frank Iero. I always will.”

“I love you too Gerard Way. And I always will.” He said, kissing my lips. His tongue ran along my bottom lip, begging for entrance. Like always, I let him in with out question or a care in the world. We were getting married. That’s all that mattered. I could tell that we would be the happiest couple ever for the rest of our existence.

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