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Chapter 10

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Are there feelings? *again, super short*

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Ashley stood under the spray of the shower and tried to sort out her emotions. What had just happened that morning? She had woken up to the feel of strong arms holding her. It had taken a second to realize that the arms had belonged to Taylor, but she remembered how good it had felt to have t hose arms hold her. She had closed her eyes and snuggled back into the warmth of Taylor.
“What is going on?” she thought as she stepped out of the shower to dry off and get dressed. She’d know Taylor far too long to be having feelings like this, hadn’t she? She was so confused; she didn’t know what to do. She opened the door to the shower room and went to her bunk to put her supplies away. She climbed into her bunk, pulled out her cd player and head phones, put in her Ghost of the Robot cd, and laid down to do some thinking.

Taylor had been thinking about what he was feeling towards Ashley all morning, and he decided he wasn’t going to do anything about ‘em. He hoped that they would eventually go away when his emotions got back to normal. Satisfied with his decision, he went up to the front to see what everyone was up to. Ike was in his bunk reading, Zac was playing solitaire, but he didn’t see Ashley. When he looked at her bunk and saw the curtain closed, he figured she must be in there. With nothing else to do, he returned to the back room to watch a movie.
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