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Chapter 11

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Taylor gets a date

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When Ashley emerged from her bunk an hour later, she had come to a decision. She still didn’t know what was going on with her emotions, but she was just gonna let them run their course, and she wasn’t going to act on them. She looked around to see if there was any exciting activity going on, but since there wasn’t she decided to go watch a movie. When she walked into the room, she saw Taylor sitting on the couch. He looked over at her and smiled.
“Hey, I’m watching Newsies. Wanna join?”
“Sure. Any chance to watch Christian Bale,” she said as she sat down on the couch.
They watched the movie, sang the songs, and laughed. When the moved ended, Taylor got up and stopped the movie and turned off the TV. He turned and came back to the couch, and he sat down facing her.
“I need to ask you a favor.”
Ashley turned her body to face his as well. “Ok, shoot.”
“Well, as you know, the guys and I are presenting an award at the VH1 Music Awards tomorrow, and originally Megan was gonna be my date, and Ike was gonna ask you to be his. Zac already has a date lined up.” He paused to take a breath. “Anyway, since Megan obviously won’t be my date, I was wondering if you would be.”
“Um, well…” she stammered. She didn’t know what to say. Wasn’t this kind of like a date? Wouldn’t that be risky territory?
“What about Ike?” she said, once words returned to her. “If I was going to be his date, and then I end up going with you, who will he take?”
Taylor shrugged. “He can find somebody. I already asked him about it. Come on Ash, please? We want you to be there with us, and after that whole fiasco with Megan, I don’t’ want to get an actual date. I’m not looking for that.”
When he put it that way, there really wasn’t’ any way that she could tell him no.
“Ok, I’ll go with you.”
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