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Chapter 12

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Room assignments

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They arrived in Los Angeles late that night, and went to the hotel. They pulled into the back lot to avoid a crowd. Taylor was tired, and wanted to go straight to bed. While he waited for Mike to come back with their room keys, he got up to find Ashley. He found her packing the rest of her stuff to take into the hotel.
“Hey, question for you.”
Ashley didn’t stop packing when she answered. “Answer for you.”
“Do you by any chance have a dress for the award show tomorrow?”
“No, not yet, but I was gonna go shopping tomorrow anyway. I mean, I was Ike’s date after all. I’ll just go to the sales racks and not so price stores. I’ve got it under control Tay.”
“Um, ok, look I’m gonna give you some money so you ca…”
“NO!” Ashley yelled. “Tay, I don’t want your money. You’re already paying me to work for you. I’ll find something nice and elegant within my budget. Don’t worry about it.”
“Are you sure?”
She gave him a small smile. “Yes, but thank you.”
Just then Mike entered the bus. “Guys, and girl, we have a small problem. It seems that somehow we didn’t reserve enough rooms, and the hotel is full. Now that everyone else is in a room, there are only two left. So, you four have to split up in pairs and you will room with that person.”
Everyone looked at each other, and then Ike slapped Zac on the back.
“Zac and I will room together.”
Ashley and Taylor looked at each other, and Taylor swallowed.
“Alright,” Mike said. “IS it ok with you two if you room together?”
“Um…” Taylor started. If he refused, it would look a little strange because they’d shared a room before. Shoot, they’d shared a bed before.
“Yeah it’s fine by me. Ash?”
Ashley gave a small smile. “Sure, it’s fine with me too.”
Taylor wondered what he had gotten himself into.
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