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So Long and Goodnight

by MCRz_babe 2 reviews

The End....for now

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HEY EVERYONE! I'm sorry, but I'm leaving it there. I hope you enjoyed reading it! I tried writing on but it just came out as hopeless as I am. But read on for a quick summary of what happened. (Maybe I’ll write a sequel) But for now, I'm gonna be posting a new story soon and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as this one!

Three months after Gerard proposed to Frank, they got married, Gerard’s mom got over the fact that her son was gay and a vampire, Lizzy started primary school, Gerard saw Kayla, who started crying as soon as she saw him, she apologised to Frank, they became friends and Mikey is still with Alicia.

Thank you to everyone who has posted a review or rated the story. Thank you to the readers and thank you to my friend who introduced me to fics. I
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