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Chapter 5

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-Evie’s POV-

Holly’s phone began to ring. I walked over to it and checked the ID. It was the doctor. I held the phone my hand and handed it to Holly nervously.
“It’s your doctor.” I told her.
She grabbed the phone and flipped it open and said “Hello.”
What had to be 5 seconds later, her face paled and she mumbled a quiet thankyou before looking at me. She was going to break down.

“Alright, Holly, come with me. Boys, stay here, don’t follow, even you Bill. I’m gonna take her home. Come on sweetie.” I said, kicking into my protective phase and helping her up, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and grabbing my bag.

“Wait! If you want, just go across to my house.” Bill offered.
I shook my head, “Her house isn’t too far from here. We’ll be fine. Come on.” I said to Holly and we made our way out of the garage and began to walk back to her house.

On the way home, Holly stayed close to me, whimpering a bit with tears flowing slowly down her porcelain skin. We finally made our way back to her house and I used the spare key, unlocked the door and we both went up to Holly’s room. By now she was full on sobbing. We both sat on the bed, her crying in my arms, and I stroked her hair telling her it would all be ok.

“H-how is it going to be o-ok Evie?! My baby is not my boyfriends but some guy from school! How the fuck is it going to be ok?!” she yelled at me.
My eyes widened, “I-m sor-”
“Shove it! Just go! Leave me alone!” she shouted, pushing away from me.
I quickly got up, grabbed my bag and basically ran out the front door.

I made my way back to the place where I usually sleep every night. I walked into it and stopped, Tom and some of his mates were there. I began to walk away quietly when one of his mates nodded his head in my direction causing Tom to turn around and smirk.
‘Oh fuck.’


“I’ll see you around princess.” Tom spat before walking out of the alley with his mates following behind him.
I carefully got up from the cold ground and supported myself up using the dumpster. My backpack hung low on my back as I carefully ran my finger over my lip, feeling a cut. If my lip was cut I’m pretty sure the rest of my face has some bruises, as well as the rest of me. I sighed and began to limp, but only slightly, out of the alleyway to find a different one. One far away that I’m sure Tom wouldn’t be.

I was walking for ages before I found a ‘nice’ looking alleyway far away from my previous one. It also looked clean, not something you find very often. I situated myself beside the dumpster, lying down on the ground with my bag still on my back. It’s my security blanket at night. Knowing it’s with me calms me down just slightly and keeps my mind off of sleeping in an alley and just being homeless. I wrapped my jacket around myself tighter as the cold air blew past me before falling into a light sleep.

I could tell it was morning through the brightness I could ‘see’ without opening my eyes. But something wasn’t right. Somebody was here. I quickly opened my eyes and was met with a pair of brown ones. I gasped and got up quickly before sprinting away from them.
“Wait!” they called but I ignored them and kept running.
I ran 3 blocks away before stopping and turning around. They weren’t following me. Thank god!

After the usual morning routine, having a shower at the shelter and graciously taking the small bran muffin Adrienne gave me, I was about to walk to Holly’s when I remembered yesterday. My shoulders instantly dropped and I began walking around aimlessly, kicking a few rocks here and there. Somehow, my feet led me to the music store Bill worked at. I took a deep breath before entering.

“Hi, can I he-Evie? Hi!” Bill smiled, “Is Holly coming?” he asked excitedly.
“Uhh not that I’m aware of. Can I please play the piano for a while?” I asked, changing the subject quickly.
He nodded, looking confused whilst doing so. I quickly made my way over to the piano and sat down on the seat before beginning to play.

William and his band performed a song they had written called ‘Down and Out’ not too long ago. The more I heard it, the more a piano tune sung to me. I began to play it as best as I could, messing up occasionally but continuing none the less.

“Is that Down and Out?” William asked once I had finished.
“Uhh yeah. Sorry, but there more you guys played it, the more I could hear it from a piano.” I told him.
“It sounded awesome. Really.” He smiled.
“Thanks,” I smiled, “Uh what’s the time?” I asked changing the subject.

“It’s around 11:30pm. Holly should be coming by soon. It was only a half day today.” He smiled happily.
“Oh. I should get going then.” I said, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and getting up.
“Umm ok... Don’t lie when I ask you this ok?” he asked me
I nodded reluctantly.

“What happened to you?” he asked softly yet concernedly.
“What do you mean?” I asked playing dumb.
He rolled his eyes, “You’ve got a busted lip and your face has a few bruises.” He replied.
I sighed, “Don’t worry about it William,” I saw him cringe, he knew if I called him that, something was wrong, “I better go. See you later.” I told him, quickly hurrying out of the store.

I walked to a park not too far away and sat down on a bench before pulling out my journal from my backpack with a pen. I began to write. I became so immersed in the words I had filled up 3 whole pages (in my tiny writing) by the time I looked up and saw it had become slightly darker.

I’ve never once had a fight with Holly before. Well, what we had wasn’t a fight... more of an exchange of heated words on her part but still. It really hurt. I sighed and packed my things in my backpack before walking away from the park and through the streets. It was a fairly quiet night tonight, I’m not sure if that was good or bad but, as always, I’ll just take things as they come.

While I was walking, I passed Bill in the music shop. At the exact point as I looked inside, he looked out at me and so did a teary-eyed Holly. I quickly looked away and kept on walking. She didn’t want me anywhere near her, so I’ll give her that. A tear made its way slowly down my face and I hurriedly wiped it away. One thing you mustn’t ever do whilst walking through the streets is cry. It shows that you’re vulnerable. And who knows who might try and take advantage of that.
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