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Can You Hear Me Cry Out To You

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Mikey's POV

Frank came in and went straight to his room. You could see the remnants of tear drops glistening on his cheeks. When he didn't come out, I was planning to go and check on him when my phone rang. After I talked with Meg, I ran to Frank's room. I was afraid something happened and I didn't know why Caroline hadn't come home. "Frank?" I asked, opening the door to see him sitting on his bed with his guitar.

"Yeah, Mikes?" I could tell he'd been writing a song about what happened. He always did when something went wrong.

"What happened between you and Caroline?" I asked gently trying to keep him from screaming at me for 'being nosy.'

He shrugged. "She came to me and said the 'it's not what you think' speech, I told her off, and walked away. Why?" he looked at me curiously, "What's wrong Mikey?"

"Caroline didn't come home." I whispered.

"Shit!" he screamed. Before I could do anything, he ran out of his bedroom and out the door.

A few minutes later, Meghan called again. "Hey Mikey." she said, sounding much more relieved, "It's all good. I called Caroline. She's staying at her best friend Brendon's tonight. I just wanted to let you know. I gotta go. I have to help Katie. Byee."

After she hung up, I quickly dialed Frank's number, only to hear his Misfits ringtone wafting from his bedroom.

[/heres a tad bit
of what a chapter
should be. I'll
try and post more
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