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Tell Me I'm An Angel

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A/N-this wasn't gonna be posted for a to fuckin school...but this is for Caroline cause shes an amazingg friend and I owe her a lil something(:

Frank's POV
I headed downtown where I last talked to her and asked around, but everyone was either too drugged up or too drunk to be of any help. I finally came across a Dunkin' Donuts and went inside for a moment. It was beginning to get cold out and if I was gonna find her, I wouldn't be able to do it without a nice, warm coffee. I sighed as I sat down at the counter. "What's wrong sweetie?" the woman behind the counter who looked about thirty asked.

"I made the biggest mistake of my life and turned away an amazing girl."

The woman pondered in thought for a moment. "Hey, did this happen about say, 2 hours ago?"

I looked at her confused. "yeah..why?"

"Because a girl came in here sobbing...I couldn't really make out what she said, but she then left with my best employee. Her name's Caroline, am I right?"

"Yeah..."this lady was beginning to creep me out, "How would you know that?"

"My employee, Brendon. She's always in here talking with him. He's the one she left with." I guess I looked a bit shocked cause she added, "Don't worry hun, Brendon's gay. She ain't seeing anyone else."

"This may sound really creepy," I have no idea what I was saying, "but where does he live? Please, I really need to talk to her. PLEASE."

The woman smiled. "Go down the street. Take a left at the stoplight. It's apartment number 433."

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I reached over the counter and hugged this woman.

I quickly ran out the door as fast as I could, to 433. I don't know what I was thinking, but I ran up to the door and started banging on it. A sleepy woman, I'm guessing Brendon's mommy, answered the door. "H-hello?" she asked sleepily.

"Hi lady. I need to see Caroline." God, I sounded like a stalker!

"Uhm...and who would you be?" she asked surprised.

"I'm Frank and I made the biggest mistake of my life and need to make up for it. Can I please see her?"

She looked flustered by my mini-speech, but stepped aside and let me in. "Uhm..." I was about to push it, but I had to ask. "Would you h-happen to have a guitar I c-could borrow for like five seconds?"

She nodded and walked into the living room and grabbed a Gibson Epiphone. SHe pointed down the hall. "That's where she's staying. Make it quick son, I want to sleep."

I walked down the hall and began to play the melody to the song I had been writing.

ik its not much,
but I'll post more
xx meg xx
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