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How much Pete can one woman handle?

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So I absolutely hated this story. I really did and that's why I killed it. I deleted that stupid thing and I wanted to give you all something much more fun to read. This should be so much fun and hopefully stimulate your brain LOL! Enjoy the beginning of something I actually like that I've written lately.

"Don't wear that," I said as I glanced up from my magazine. I can't believe I pulled my eyes away this beautiful picture of a half naked man to see what Pete Wentz was wearing.

"Why not?" He asked as he continued to look at himself in the mirror.

"Makes your ass look fat," I said and burried my face behind the magazine to keep from laughing. He launched a pair of jeans that he wasn't wearing at me. "Don't wear these either." I scrunched up my face and threw them back.

"Not like you could fit into these jeans anyways fat ass," he said back and I threw the magazine at him. Asshole, he's just jealous I got more junk in the trunk than him or his pregnant wife.

"Whatever Wentz. Just pick something out so we can go." I glanced at my watch and Pete looked at me curiously.

"We are at a clothing store and you want to leave? Do you have other plans?" He said and walked closer to me. I really wish he didn't know me so well. I did have other plans, a date to be exact.

"Yes, a date and I would like some time to get ready." I didn't want him giving me the third degree again. He does this everytime I have a date and tells me the same thing.

"Who is this guy?"

"A guy I met at Starbucks and he bought my coffee."

"So you're just letting some guy you met at Starbucks take you out?"

"I met you at Starbucks." I said back. Yeah Kristin, look how well that went for you!

"But we met originally for business reasons and became friends. That's different." He said and walked back into the dressing room to change. I wish it wasn't different. I wish that he wasn't with Ashlee when I met him and that he would have asked me out. But things work out for a certain reason I guess.

"So what's this guy's name?" He asked as we pulled out of the parking spot.

I laughed before responding. "His name is Peter." Pete burst into laughter.

"You're dating a guy with my name. That's awesome, what's he do?"

"He's a writer for some music magazine." I replied and looked out the window. I really didn't feel like talking about my date. It would go the same way as always. Everything will be fine and when we have the goodnight kiss I won't feel a thing and I'll never respond to his calls after tonight.

"Sounds like your type of guy. Maybe it'll work out this time."

Seriously doubt that my dear Pete because he isn't you.

reviews of how you like it so far would be awesome! reviews = motivation = writing :)
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