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I completely forgot how absolutely gorgeous this guy was. The guys always were though, I had some pretty high standards. I mean, roughly 70% of my friends were guys who were abosolutely gorgeous themselves. Staring at a man of much less calibur would be disappointing.

Peter had dark blue eyes with black hair. He sorta had the Brendon Urie hairstyle going for him and a mouth to match. He was near Gabe's height, so he was like the ultimate Decaydance guy. Too bad he is slightly boring. For someone who works at a music magazine you'd think he was a little more cultured.

I picked at my food as he talked about something that I didn't really care about. He talked mostly about himself, which is kind of expected for the type of guys that I date. Dating extremely good looking men usually comes with a price too.

You see, there are two types of good looking guys. 1) The guys who didn't use to be good looking so now they are very modest or completely unaware, or 2) the guys who have always been good looking and are completely full of themselves and abuse it. This guy was type 2; I always fell for type 2. I guess it's just one of my many faults, like falling head over for a married man.

I wasn't always in love with Pete Wentz; in the beginning it was just a friendship. I mean, if he had asked me out I would have of course said yes, but we were just friends then. It wasn't until he was engaged that my crush began to grow to something a little deeper than appearance. The more time I spent around him the more I fell for him. No one knows about my secret feelings and I want it to stay that way. Ashlee makes Pete incredibly happy and that makes me happy.

"You alright?" Peter asked and it broke me out of my food picking trance as I thought over Pete and guys in general.

"Yes, sorry I had a long day today," I said half smiling and filling my mouth with a bite from my plate. I didn't reall want to talk to this guy any longer than necessary right now. He smiled and continued talking.

After dinner we headed back to my place and we made out in the car. He was actually an amazing kisser, which isn't too surprising considering he is super hot. I of course felt nothing but the attention is always welcome. He wanted to come in and I declined with an excuse that I had an early engagement. I mean, I kind of did but it was with FOB and I'd be waking them up. We exchanged the usual 'I'll call you' and 'I had a great time' and then I went inside. God my bed feels so inviting.


So I was wrong about being the one to wake up FOB because Patrick woke me up. Just like Pete, I need my morning Starbucks. Pete can be pretty unbearable without it and I am just plain cranky. All the guys knew where I kept my spare key and would let themselves in anytime they pleased really.

"Morning K," Patrick said and handed me the cup of coffee. MMmmmm! My favorite white chocolate mocha with caramel.

"Morning Stumpy," I said, sitting up to take a giant sip of the warm liquid. "Why are you here so early?" I asked as I read the clock. We all didn't need to be anywhere for at least a couple hours.

"I am having problems with Emily." He said and scratched the side of his head.

"What happened?" I asked with a more concerned tone. Patrick had a really hard time trusting girls after one used him to get her 15 minutes of fame.

"Just something stupid, she just doesn't seem to understand that I have engagements that I cannot break. I can't always be there when she wants me to, ya know?" He let out a disappointed sigh. Patrick loves his work and whatever girl he ends up with needs to realize this, his job will always be first, if not tied with the woman he plans to spend his life with.

"I know, it's got to be really tough on you both but she'll either get used to it or move on. Wouldn't you rather find out sooner than later?"

"Yeah I suppose." His phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out. "Hey Pete... why the hell are you awake at this hour?" I'd like the answer to that too. "Ah, okay... well I'm at Kristin's right now... sure thing, bye." Patrick closed the phone and slide it back into his pocket.

"Asked you to pick up Starbucks?"

"Yep and bring it to his house. Wanna join me?" He asked as he stood up.

"Hell no, I wanna sleep for a little bit longer. I'll meet you guys at the studio around 11." I pulled the covers up over my shoulders as I laid back down. Patrick laughed and waved goodbye as he left the room. It's nice to live near Patrick's because he always comes bearing gifts!


"OOOOOOO! Peter is calling you!" Pete teased as he held up my phone. I actually let Peter take me out on a couple more dates. I still didn't know if I actually liked this guy or if it was just those lips. He was really easy on the eyes so I guess I let it continue.

"Give me my phone!" I reached up for it. Our fights were usually pretty fair considering I was only two inches shorter than him. Pete tossed my phone to Joe who I fought with as well. Then it stopped ringing. "Thanks assholes." I said as Joe handed it over laughing.

"So you like this guy huh?" Joe asked as I put my phone in my pocket. Word of advice, never let these guys have unrestricted access to your phone. You never know what could happen.

"He's okay I guess," I said nonchalantly and went back to the press release.

"You've been seeing him for like 2 weeks." Pete stated and began fiddling with some electrical item that he will inevitably break.

"So? And stop touching that. It looks expensive." I pointed at him. He rolled his eyes and walked away from the equipment.

"I think that Pete's point was that you rarely see a guy more than once." Patrick chimed in from the chair across the room.

"Well this guy is really hot, so he looks good enough to keep around for a little while. I don't know how I feel about him yet."

"God you sound like a man." Joe said laughing.

"Oh my god Joe! You figured out my big secret!" I faked shoke and then laughed at him.

"Yeah you wouldn't have tits like that with a penis." He said before Patrick ended the conversation.

"So anyways..." was Patrick's way of shifting topics. "When can we meet this guy?"

"You guys want to meet him?" To be honest, I didn't want them to ever meet him because I didn't care about this guy enough.

"Um, yeah." Pete said as if it were a stupid question.

"Well, sometime maybe if he's around longer." I said and went back to work. I could tell that they were all rolling their eyes at me. I don't blame them for actually caring and I am glad that Andy stayed out of it. He doesn't nose around in my business, which makes me happy.

The entire two or so years that I've known them I've dated more men than I can count, but a good 98% never got past the first date. Like I said, standards are set pretty high. And once I developed my completely unprofessional crush on Pete it only got worse. I need something to distract myself from him or else I would probably burst.

Sometimes I wish Pete would get jealous that I go out with someone else, but he high fives me when I score with a guy. What did I expect anyways, he's married with a baby on the way next month.


"Spill it," Andy said when he walked outside and sat next to me on the bench. We all went out to some hole in the wall bar and I was outside with all the smokers even though I don't smoke.

"Spill what?"

"What's bothering you. It's obviously something." Damn he's good. He may be quiet, but he is very tuned into others.

"It's nothing."

"But it is something because you are out here sulking." Well yeah Andy, Ashlee and Pete are in there being all lovey dovey and cuddley. I can't really be upset because they are married and no one knows I am in love with Pete, but I am upset. Maybe I need a break.

"I just always want the things I can never have and nothing else makes me happy."

"How long have you been in love with Pete?"

"Too long." I respond and he just nods his head.

"You have to get over him you know."

"I know, just not sure how." I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"I don't know either, but you need to do something because it's making you more and more miserable each time I see you and I hate seeing you upset."

"Thanks Andy." I hug him and we make our way back inside to the group.
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