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I found this and I absolutely love this song! The beautiful pictures help as well!

Anyways, on to a small update!

Somehow the guys talked me into bringing Peter as my date to the Folie a Deux release party. They had been begging to meet him and I caved. I really didn't want to bring him because I don't really like him that much. He's basically a temporary disctraction from my lusting after Pete.

At least I look really really pretty for the party though! I had a long flowing lavendar dress with an empire waist. Peter looked pretty good tonight, just wore a boring old suit though, nothing too exciting about it. After I introduced Peter to the guys he went to get us some drinks and that's when it started.

"He looks like a cross between Gabe and Brendon, it's kinda weird." Pete of course said that statement.

"Yeah, but he's nothing like either of them. He seems a little cocky." Patrick stated. Well, Peter was a cocky asshole and that's why he's not my boyfriend and I don't really like him.

"Well I didn't want to bring him, but you guys insisted. I knew you guys would pick him apart." I honestly didn't want to tell them why I was really dating him. I think that Andy knew though since he figured out that I was in love with Pete and all.

We all mingled and I was ecstatic when Peter wandered off on his own. All the Decaydance bands were there, so it was great to see all of them. Gabe as always was entertaining, Ryan was a sweetheart, Jon Walker was his usual unusual self. Brendon was a little quieter tonight than usual though. He looked amazing though. I swear that each time I see him he gets a little better looking. He's one of those guys that just gets increasingly hot with each year that passes and he'll be smoking hot still when he's like, 50. Whoever marries him is one lucky bitch.

Seeing Pete and Ashlee was making me sick and I really needed to get someone's advice to help me get over Pete. I walked over to Patrick, who by the way was at a table by himself.

"Hey Stumpy, can I talk to you?" I sat down in the chair next to his.

"Sure Kristin. You seem upset, what's going on?" He scooted his chair closer.

"I am in love with Pete." I said after looking around for anyone who might be within earshot.

"That's great! Why were you so scared to introduce him to us then?"

"No! Not that Pete, the other Pete. Pete Pete, as in Wentz Pete." I said and his eyes just about popped out of his head. "I know and it's insane and wrong and I just can't help it. I can't get over him. Everytime I kiss another man I wish it was him. I mean come on, why do you think I'm dating a guy with his name? I can slip up and say his name and not get dumped this time."

"Wow, this was not expected at all. Does anyone else know?" He took a big drink of his beverage.

"Just Andy. He figured it all out on his own somehow."

"Good, no one else needs to know, especially not Pete or Ashlee."

"I don't know what to do to get over him?"

"Well obviously stop dating someone who reminds you of him. That would be a good start."

"Thanks Patrick, don't you think I've already thought of that?"
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