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Well Peter made my night so much easier for me. Seriously, I have been looking for a reason to tell him to piss off and I succeeded in finding one. I caught him outside making out with some chick. How amazing right? I told him to go fuck himself and leave and security made sure he left. I returned to the party feeling relieved. Well at least that was step one in my process of getting over Pete.

It's been about a week and all of Decaydance is getting ready to go to some banquet for something. It's a fundraising event for some charity that they all care about. They told me what it was, but I've been so preoccupied with wallowing in my self pity for being a fool. I am laying on Pete's couch opposite Ashlee as they discuss plans for the event tomorrow night.

"So we have bought enough tickets for everyone in Decaydance and bring a date. So far sounds like it's just Brendon and Nate who don't have dates yet." Pete was looking through something on his phone.

"Hey, Kristin should go with Brendon," Ashlee suggests with a giant smile on her face.

"Oh hell yeah she should," Pete said with a mischievious grin and plopped down next to me. "What do you say? Be Brendon's date for the event tomorrow?"

"Why me and what's with that smile? What are you guys scheming?" I said as I sat up more to look him in the eye. Oh yeah, he was plotting something.

"No reason, just that you two would look cute together, that's all," Ashlee said but it still felt like there was more.

"What makes you guys think he wants to take me anyways?"

Pete began texting something on his phone and when I leaned over to look he leaned it away from me and walked off.

"Why wouldn't he want to take you? I mean, you're his friend," Patrick said. And where was he when the Wentz's were plotting my demise? Oh wait, just watching that's right!

"He wants to take you! It's settled then, Kristin will go with Brendon and Gabe just sent me a message saying he found a date for Nate. I'm just glad no tickets will be wasted now."

"Shit... what am I going to wear?" I sat there and thought hard. I don't have anything too fancy and I didn't want to rush out right now and find something for tomorrow night.

"You can look through some of my stuff or I could possibly raid Jessica's closet. You're curvier than I am so her stuff will probably fit better." Ashlee offered. Damn it, she was too sweet for you to hate if you actually knew her. No wonder Pete's married to her.

"Thanks, that'd be awesome." I smiled. Well at least I can steal something from Jessica Simpson out of this.


So when Ashlee said that Jessica was curvier than her, she meant curvier than me as well. I was lucky enough to find an amazing dress that was backless and a deep blue that was mid shin length. It fit me perfectly and Jessica said I could keep it since it no longer fits her. Hell fucking yeah!

I will admit that I am a little nervous for some reason. Events like this can make me a little anxious at times, but that's what valium is for right? After I got ready I headed to Pete's house to meet up with everyone. We were going in a couple a stretch limos from Pete's to the charity event. I let my hair hang down with a slight wave in it and wore some ballet flats to prevent from being taller than Brendon. All my other shoes that matched were way too high and would cause my feet to be sore.

I walked into Pete's and everyone was running around and getting their finishing touches put on their outfits. I saw Brendon standing in front of a mirror in Pete's hall trying to tie his tie and he was failing miserably.

"Need any help date?" I said and he turned and smiled that beautiful smile at me.

"Yeah, I always seem to mess it up." He turned towards me and I began tying it for him. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks Brendon, you look pretty good yourself," I said with a smile as I tightened the tie up slightly and straightened it out for him. "Perfect," I said softly.


"AWWWW! You look so beautiful!" Ashlee squealed as she left her bedroom. She was wearing a empire waist dress and she looked beautiful even though she was about to burst a baby.

"Thanks, so do you and you too!" I said to her baby, which caused her to giggle.

"The limos are supposed to be here in like five minutes though, so make sure you guys are ready." She waddled down the hall and into the living room with us following. I heard a whistle and turned to see Gabe in the kitchen.

"Well look who cleans up real well," he teased as if he's never seen me dress up.

"Hardy har har Saporta!" I rolled my eyes, laughing lightly.

The limos arrived minutes later and it took forever for everyone to pile in. We almost didn't fit, so some of us had to sit in others laps. Me in Brendon's lap was a little uncomfortable, in a good way though. I was sitting between his legs and his arms were resting against mine on his legs. It was an anxious, butterfly type nervousness. It was nice to not think about Pete and Ashlee being all over each other for the ride.

There were way more celebrities here than I expected and way more media attention than I thought. No wonder Pete was all about the Decaydance image and not wasting tickets. I felt really out of place in front of all these cameras. I am the behind the scenes girl, not the scene girl. Brendon grabbed my hand and smiled at me as the cameras snapped away and we walked inside the the banquet and were escorted to tables specifically set for Decaydance.

The whole night went by quickly. We had dinner with some speakers during it and then dancing and a silent auction to raise money. After the announcements for the winners of the silent auction, which Gabe won something really stupid for a ridiculously high price by his own accord, the music started back up and it was Chasing Cars.

"I love this song. Dance with me," Brendon said and held his hand out to me.

"Sure," I smiled back and took his hand. He led me out to the dancefloor and pulled me close. It was really cute how he was dancing with me, one hand on my waist and the other holding my hand. I rested my free arm against his with my hand at the base of his neck.

"I'm glad you came with me tonight. You're an awesome date," he said with a small smile on his face.

"Well thanks, you were an awesome date as well." I said with a smile. He was staring into my eyes and it was making me feel really really anxious, so I averted my eyes and glanced over to the side. When I looked back he was still looking at me and he smiled. "What?"

"Nothing," he said with a smile and began talking again. "What are you doing after this tonight?"

"Well I didn't have anything planned, why?" I glanced over at Pete and he was giving me a thumbs up, to which I tried to roll my eyes nonchalantly. Brendon of course looked over, but Pete had stopped by that time.

"Well Ryan and his girl were planning on going swimming. You should come, there's an indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub at our hotel."

"Sounds fun," I said. Honestly it beat going home feeling lonely and wishing that I had someone.

"Good," he smiled at me.
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