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We stopped at a Walmart on our way back to the hotel so I could buy a swimsuit. My house was too far away from the hotel and Ryan's girl was way tinier than I, so her spare never would have fit me in any area.

"Jesus this is an awfully nice room for one night," I teased and all he did was shrug. I may work in the industry, but I tend to stay in a lower budget than my celebrity client Decaydance. I mean, Pete makes sure I am paid way more than necessary but I want to spend it on other things, like rent and food.

"Do you need anything, like some shorts or something?" Brendon asked as he was beginning to remove his tie and shoes.

"Um, just a towel or robe would work." I said and he grabbed one from the closet and handed it to me. I walked into his bathroom and changed into my swimsuit. They didn't have the greatest selection at that tiny ass Walmart, so I settled with tiny ass boy shorts for bottoms and a halter top, both in black pink and white poka dots. I pulled the robe up over me and put my hair in a messy bun to keep it from getting too wet in the pool.

"Ready?" Brendon asked me as I walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing trunks and a tee shirt.

"Yep," I smiled and he smiled back and we made our way to the pool. Ryan and his girl, I think she said her name was Keltie earlier, anyways they were already in the pool swimming and playing around.

"Hey, Gabe said they were going to crash our hotel's pool later," Ryan said as he restrained her arms to keep her from splashing for a moment and she giggled.

"Awesome," Brendon laughed and took his shirt off. I couldn't help but check him out, he was toned and tanned and I don't know. Maybe I should wipe the side of my mouth for drool or something. I quickly snapped myself out of the trance I was momentarily in and took off the robe and climbed into the hot tub. God it felt so good to relax. Brendon hopped in across from me.

"God this feels amazing," he leaned back against the wall and just stared across the tub at me.

"Fuck yeah it does," I said and closed my eyes for a moment to clear my head. Brendon began talking to me about random things and all I could do was laugh. He was so easy going and upbeat, it was nice to spend time with someone like that. It was relaxing to have a person around who could possibly never stress you out. I have anxiety issues, so this was perfect.

"Hey guys, we're going back to the hotel, but Gabe should be hopping the fence here soon." Ryan said and he and Ketlie walked towards the hotel.

"Night," Brendon and I said in unison and then smiled at each other.

"I love talking to you," he said to me with a smile.

"Thanks, but why is that?" I asked because I was curious about this man.

"Because of how randomness makes you smile rather than think I'm psycho and I love your smile."

Wow, I had no idea what to say to that so smiled and looked down, hoping he wouldn't see me blushing. I think he noticed because he scooted over next to me. When I looked up he was leaning in towards my face and we suddenly got splashed.

"I LOVE crashing hotel pools!" Gabe said. He had jumped into the hot tub with us and he was wearing clothes, shoes and all.

"I just hope you didn't jump in with your phone in pocket." I said laughing and Gabe shook his head.

"Oh no, I thought about that. It's on that table there with my wallet and shit." He looked at us both before speaking again. "So, what's going on with you guys?"

"Just hanging out in the hot tub," Brendon said and leaned his back against the wall of the hot tub.

"Cool, Vicky and I were thinking about going out to this club we heard about if you guys wanna go. Oh and don't worry Kristin, I talked to Pete and he wants to push the meeting tomorrow back so you'll be able to get plenty of sleep."

"Well you've thought this all through, haven't you Gabe?"

"Of course!" He said as if I should know better.

"I don't have anything to wear," I stated and Gabe shrugged it off.

"Just go in that, I don't think Bden or I will mind." I splashed him and after he wiped his sunglasses off he gave another option. "I'm sure Vicky has something that you can wear."

"Sounds like a better idea." I laughed at Gabe. This man truely knows no boundaries socially. It's pretty hard to have a conversation with this man without him saying something completely off topic or sexually weird. These are the people I spend my time with and this has to be one of the best jobs ever invented.
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