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The Exchange Kid

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Andy knew having someone new in his house would be strange, but he wasn't expecting this.

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Andy sighed as he stared discontentedly out of his PSRE class. The teacher droned on at the front about how to write a CV, don't sell yourself short, don't lie, blah blah blah.
He started doodling in the margin of his book, just in an attempt to pass the time.
"ANDREW COLE!" The teacher screamed from the front.
"Huh...what?" Andy looked up, his blonde fringe in his eyes. He sighed irritatedly and flipped it out of the way.
"Have you been listening to anything I have been saying?! Answer the question on the board!"
Andy focused on the board, and more importantly, the question.
What does NVQ stand for?
He smirked. Easy.
"National Vocational Qualification, Miss Teasdale." He said in an innocent tone, smiling at her.
"Oh, well..Listen in future." She muttered, turning back to the board. Andy turned back to the window.
Damn teachers, he thought. Just cause I don't listen doesn't mean I'm stupid.

A few minutes before the end of the lesson, Miss Teasdale said she had an annoucement. Andy listened half-interestedly.
"Now, class, the next student exchange for years 10 & 11 is coming up." Andy perked up and listened more intently. Maybe he should go for it. Who knows? He might get someone cool, and god knows that there aren't many cool people in this dead end town.
"If you would like to have an American student come and stay with you for two weeks, come and get a letter from the front, give it to your parents to sign, bring it back tomorrow. It's first come, first served, so be quick about it!"
Andy took that as her dismissing the class, so jumped up, grabbed a letter and left as fast as he could.

"But, what if the kid you get turns out to be some jerk that's like them?" James said, flicking his head towards the table where all the "popular" kids were sat together, laughing and throwing food. Andy and James, his best friend, always sat on their own at lunch. It may have made them targets for bullies, but it was better than trying to conform to fit in.
"I don't know. I'd just have to live with that for two weeks, I guess." Andy replied, absent mindedly picking at his sandwiches.
"Yeah... What lesson do we have last?" James said, moving the conversation onwards.

"Well," James said as they walked back towards Andy's house, "that was interesting. I didn't think it would explode that bad." Andy laughed and shoved his friend lightly, causing him to stumble.
"Well, Mr. Harrison did say 10grams of that stuff. Not to put the whole pot in." James laughed and shoved his friend back, before saying goodbye and turning down his road, leaving Andy to walk the last 5 minutes to his house on his own.

"Mum, I'm home." Andy shouted, throwing his bag down by the door and taking off his shoes.
"Did you have a good day?" His mum asked from the kitchen.
"Yeah." He replied, walking through to the kitchen to give her the exchange form.
"Can you sign this for me please, it's the form for the student exchange?" Andy said, his head in the fridge, looking for something to drink.
Andy's mum looked at him strangely. Her son had never expressed an interest in any extra curricular activities before. She shrugged lightly, maybe it would do him good.
Andy emerged from the fridge with a milkshake in hand.
"Thank you!" He grinned, then went upstairs to change his clothes before heading out to the skatepark with James.

I'm attempting to get my writers block.
So sorry if it's rubbish. ahah.
MCR (well, one of them) will appear in the story in a few chapters time (:
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