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Andy woke up to the sound of his mother banging on his door.
Shit, he thought, hastily throwing on clothes and running to the bathroom. After he was finished with doing his hair, he ran downstairs, grabbed a cereal bar and his exchange form, then bolted out the door.
"Bye Mum!" he yelled, and then he was gone, sprinting to school to get there on time.

Andy burst through the door just and Mr Phillips, his tutor, was calling his name.
"Here Sir." He panted, taking his seat next to James.
"Andy, this is the 3rd time this week you've been late." Mr Phillips said, disapprovingly.
"Sorry Sir."
"Once more, and it's a detention." Sir said, carrying on through the register.
Andy felt something hit the back of his head, and stick there.
He felt for whatever had stuck there, and found a sticky, slightly soggy mass stuck to his hair. Chewing gum. Great.
He stood up, looking for the person that had thrown it.
"Marc Anderton." he hissed under his breath. " I should have known."
Marc, the resident school bully, was laughing along with all his stupid friends, pointing at Andy.
James pulled on Andy's arm.
"C'mon Andy. Sit down. You know if you fight with him once more this term, you'll get put in isolation. Then you won't get the exchange student thing."
Andy slowly turned and sat down. James smiled at him.
"Do you want me to come to Student Services with you to get it cut out?" James asked quietly.
"Please." Andy muttered. Hearing the bell for first lesson ring, the two boys got up and headed to Student Services.

Andy sighed dejectedly as he entered his first lesson, PSRE. He went to the desk where Miss Teasdale was sat, placing the exchange form infront of her. She looked up.
"Oh..! Andy? You applied for the American exchange programme?" She asked dubiously.
"Yeah, I thought that I may as well, I mean, I may get someone cool." He said quietly.
She looked at him strangely for a moment, as if sensing that something was wrong with the usually cheerful boy.
"Yes, we try to pick someone who has the same interests as you. So hopefully you won't be disappointed. You're the first person to get your form back, so you're pretty much guaranteed a place." She smiled slightly.
"Cool." Andy said, going to his seat and wondering what his exchange student would be like.

A week later.

"Well, for all of you who applied to the student exchange, I now have the details of who will be coming to stay with you in 4 days time." Miss Teasdale said, handing out packs to the students who applied.
"Thanks." Andy said as he recieved his, ripping the top of the envelope and taking out the sheets inside. On the top right hand corner of the first sheet was a photo of a mousy haired boy with glasses, a huge grin on his face.
Andy read the typing that was underneath.
'My name is Micheal James Way, but I prefer Mikey. I live in New Jersey, wtih my parents and my older brother, Gerard. He's really cool. But anyway. I like reading comic books, and a few of my favourite bands constists of Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure abd Joy Division. I have a best friend called Frankie. He's always hyper. I really don't know what to write in stuff like this, I always end up like I'm writing some profile on a dating website.Haha.So I guess I'll leave it there. Can't wait to come and stay, I hope you're cool! Mikey."
Andy smiled slightly, he liked the sound of this kid already.

Mikey's Point Of View.
I waited until I was home before opening the exchange pack. Gerard was reading over my shoulder.
The photo on the top right showed a skinny, blonde haired boy. His hair was shoulder length, and swept overto one side of his face. He was smiling.
"Wow." Gerard said. "He looks hot."
I snorted and hit him. He pouted.
"What was that for!?"
"For perving on my exchangey person." I said, before carrying on to read the rest of the page.

"My name is Andy Cole, and I live in southeast England. I live with my mum, but I'm not home much, I spend all my time down the skate ramps with my best friend, James. A few of my favourite bands are Sum41, Blink 182 and Greenday. Can't wait to have you come and stay!

"He sounds cool.." Gerard said. I nodded in agreement.
"I can't wait to go stay!" I grinned. Gerard laughed at me, and I turned slowly, giving my best evil glare. Gerard recoiled and backed away slowly.
"No, Mikey.."
I laughed and lunged at him. He screamed and ran, and that is how we spent half an hour, me chasing him round the house until we got tired and decided to watch a movie.

Okay, so in this, Andy, Mikey and Frank are 15, Gerard is 18.
review pleaseeeee!
jake (:
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