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The past week with the guys was great,we went out a good few times like to the cinema,gigs and partys.the time i spent with frank was awsome,he is such a nice guy,he's funny,cute and has a great sense of humor,but there was something that wasnt right,since friday night at the bleed gig i was sitting with mikey and ray they were having there own little private conversation,while i was watching frank headbang and crowed surf,it was then i realised i didnt want our relationship to any further and i dont see the point of it going anywhere since he goes back to jersey next week,so im thinking of braking up with him im sure he is thinking the same as long distance relationships dont seem to work out.well anyways im going to miss the guys exspecially bob since he is my brother and i love him,we said when they came here first that we would make there last week here one to remember!!.......

MY POV....
i was sitting in my room drawing listening to kill hannah,when i got a text from gerard,yeah i know right why did he text me when he is down stairs with the guys and nicki,i opened it to read:

hey hales
can you meet me in the park
down the road in 5
i need to talk to you alone
dont tell the guys thanks
oh and hales DONT bring frank!!:-)

i sat there thinking about what he needs to talk to me about,i text him back saying:
heya gee
yeah sure no problem
give me a few minutes
il meet you at the fountain
okay!!cya then

i finally go up turned of my stero and put on my shoes and headed out my bedroom door,i was about to walk down the stairs when i heard crying from the spare room i was just about to knock when i heard two voices
"hey its okay dont worry about it they will understand"one voice said it sounded like mikey but i wasnt sure.
"but thats it what if they dont understand,they will hate me forever when they find out"the other one cryed,i knew it was frank his voice was like a song to me i knew it of by heart and couldnt forget it even if i wanted to.
"listen its not your fault,you cant help who you fall in love with"the one unkown said i thougt for a second a realised that it was mikey lol.
before i could hear anymore i decided to leave and besides i didnt want to spoil what frank has to say to me,so i walked down stairs,put on my jacket and walked into the living room and told the guys meaning bob,ray and nicki that i was going to pick up my wages and that i shouldnt belong,i walked out the door and headed in the direction of the park......

"i know its not my fault,but i mean what about haley mikey i really like her,she is sweet,hot,kind and has a really good sense of humor,she is everything a guy could wish for,but i dont love her,i love him and what makes it worse is that he is a guy and i dont know wether he is bi or even gay for that matter,promise me you mention this to anyone exspecially bob please mikes"i cryed
"frankie,isten if haley likes you so much she will understand and anyways with us going back to jersey next week i dont think your relationship will go any further,i have a feeling she would be happy for you no matter what happens,dont worry frank i wont tell anyone"he said hugging me
"thanks mikes your an awesome friend i can talk to you about anything,i think we should go downstairs before the guys send out a search party"i laughed wiping the tears from my eyes
"dont mention it,il always be here for,yeah lets i wanna go kick rays ass on guitar hero"he joked as we both headed down stairs we walked into the living room were bob,ray and nicki were sitting watching opra,i sat on the free arm chair,as i didnt want to sit beside bob as would ask what i was doing up in the room for so long,i turned to ray and asked
"why the fuck are we watching opra"i joked
"because frankie she is awesome and there is this kid on it and his friend got killed right infront of him and he hasent been the same since,its really sad"he said not taking his eyes of the tv
"awh okay.poor kid i feel sorry for him i dont think i would be able to live,eh by the way where is hales and gee"i asked
"you guys are fucking pansys yano that"bob laughed
"eh gee went exploring and hales went to pick up her wages,miss her already frankie"nicki mocked
"you could kinda say that"i said not meaning it in that kinda way i just needed to talk to her
"okay next one speeks is fucking dead i mean it il eat your soul,i cant hear the little kid tell his storry"bob shouted
"and you call us pansy"ray laughed hitting bob,we just sat there watching the rest of the show,it was really touching,the boy didnt realise how good of a friendship he had with his friend untill it was gone.......
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