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A fresh start!!

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BEEP BEEP BEEP......i woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing,i thought for a second why was it going off but i remembered i had to pick my friend nicki from the airport,nicki is my best friend we have been through so much together,i got out of bed and went into the bathroom and had a shower and got dressed and then went downstairs to get some coffee and breakfast,i walked into the kitchen and noticed frank and bob were already up,bob was cooking breakfast yes this means he will cook me some yay!!
"good morning guys,sleep well"i asked while taking a seat opposite frank
"morning hales,yeah slept great thanks,bob protected me all night it was awesome"frank laughed
"fuck you frank,you were the one hugging me all night man,morning hales want breakfast?"bob said while kissing my forehead
"yeah would love some"i said while pouring coffee for the three of us
we all sat down and started to eat when we were finished frank and bob cleaned up,then frank left to get a shower
"so hales what you think of frankie"bob smilied
"yeah he's a nice guy,really funny,why you ask"i laughed
"its just that,when i left your room last night,he asked me were you okay and i told him yeah,then he wouldnt shut up about you,he told me you him smile,laugh and when he seen you for the first time he got butterflys,and he thinks your really hot,and he asked me to ask you what you thought of him"he said laughing
"oh really thats cool"i said i smiling i most have looked ike an idiot i had th biggest grin ever
"bob have to go like,sorry i have to pick up nicki from the airport,il hangout with you and the guys later"i said rushing out the door,i got into my car and drove to the airport singing along to every song that came on the radio,i finally got there i was looking around for nicki but couldnt see her anywhere i started to worry,i then walked back to my car to get my fone when i seen her leaning on the car
"what the hell took you so long"she joked while hugging me
"hi,yeah i was using the toilet,now lets get going we have to go and hang out with bob and the guys"i said while getting in the car
"ukays whatever oh my god i cant wait to meet the guys and see bob"she smiled,she has the biggest crush on bob its really cute,we talked th hole way home about her holiday and then about bob and the guys,we finally reached my house and saw mikey standing looking out the window
then running away when he seen us looking at him,we then walked into the house and into the sitting room were the guyes were watching tv
"guys i want you to meet my friend nicki"i said pointing at her
"hi"she said softly
"you know bob,the small guy beside him is frank,the guy with the glasses is mikey,the dude with the afro is ray,and the one with the long hair is gerard"i said pointing to each off them when i said there name
"hey"they all said waving to nicki
"so guys what we doing today"i asked
"nothing just hanging out here"bob answered
"but bob im bored i wanna go for a walk or something"i winned
"well i dont why dont you go with frankie"he laughed
"eh cause he prob wont go cause you guys arent going"i said acting all annoyed
"i dont mind hales,i wanna get fresh air anyways"frank stood up putting on my jacket
"you sure?nicki you coming?"i asked
"yeah im sure"he answered
"eh nope il stay here im a bit tired and i wanna get to know the guys"she answered
"dont worry hales il keep her entertained"bob stated
"okay okay,come on frank,see you guys later,and nicki be good"i laughed draging frank out the door with me,we started to walk down the street towards th park and we walked into the forest,we didnt talk to eachother just passed smiles now and again,we found a bench and just sat there looking at the trees around us..
"so..."frank said
"so..what?what you wanna talk about"i asked
"i dont know,but i guess bob told you i liked you cause you havent said a word to me since we left"he answered while looking down at his feet
"sorry bout that i get really shy,when i find out someone likes me"i smiled
"is it a good thing or a bad thing"he asked
"its a really good thing"i answered with a smile and a smile formed on franks face
"hales i really like you and i have for awhile,when bob showed me a picture of you my mouth droped your so goergous,and you have a really good personality"he said while moving closer
"thanks i guess,i reallt like you to,your so fucking hot and you make me smile and laugh and-"before i could finish he kissed me softly i kissed back straight away this kiss got stronger,frank bit
my bottom lip begging for entrace i aloud straight away,it lasted untill we couldnt breath
"wow"i smiled
"yeah wow,i have been wanting to do that for awhile"he smiled wile putting his hand on mine,i kissed him on the cheek we decieded to walk back,hands still together
"so are we like together now"he asked
"well do you want to be,cause i know i want to"i smiled
"hellyeah,"he said kissing my cheek,we got to the house and walked into the sitting room,mikey,gee and ray were the only ones there
"awh look at frankie and haley"gee said smiling making me and frank blush"
"so you guys together?"ray asked
"eh yeah"we boh said as frank wraped his arms around me
"guys were is bob and nicki?"i asked
"oh they went to the shop to get something but i cant remember"ray said
"im going to fucking kill bob"i shouted
"why you going to kill him"mikey asked
"cause he will end up getting with nicki and then brake her hearth and i will fuc-"i was cut of by bob saying
"what you going to do,sis?"he asked
"il kill you if you hurt her"i said
"dude relax were only friends and i would never hurt her"he said smiling and then hugging me and frank as frank was still attached to me
"so i guess you guys got together than"he said smiling at me and frankie
"yeap,and dont worry i wont hurt her"frank stated
"you better not iero"bob said while huggung frank,we oredered pizza and just hung out for the rest of day and night.....
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