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the talk!!

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Thank god that film is over i thought to myself it was so boring.....
"so..guys what you think of the film?"frak laughed
"it was shit"i said while getting of the couch and walking towards the kitchen
"i taught it was pretty good"frank said standing up streching
"are you for seriuos man,that was the worst film ever"me and bob said together and then laughed
"joking guys!! oh my god you would know you two were related"frank said laughing while fixing his hair,he lokked so cute,he had a simle that you die for only one word could descirbe frank iero and thats"HOT".....
"so i bet you guys are tired il show you to your rooms"i said while walking towards the stairs waiting for the guys to follow
"yeah kinda,i havent slept in my bed in ages, i really miss it"bob said running up the stairs and into his room,we all laughed so hard that gerard nearly fell back down the stairs which caused us to laugh even more
"hey that wasnt fuuny,i could have fell and got really hurt"gee shouted
"sorry"we all apologised
"okay,frank your in the spare room with gee and ray,mikey your bunking with bob,is that okay?"i asked
"hell no,im not sleeping in a room with ray,he snores like a motherbitch and i dont even think thats a word,but its so loud and i wont be able to sleep"frank wined
"i do not snore"ray shouted
"to be honest,you do ray,frankie is right you sound like a chainsaw,but were all use to it now,excapt for frankie,cause he is always asleep before you"mikey said to ray while pathing him on the back
"ha told you so"frank shouted,sticking his tounge out of the side of his mouth
"well then frank you sleep with bob instead of mikey"i said laughing
"okay thanks hales"frank smiled
we alll went to our rooms,i was just sitting on my bed and drawing while listening to stone sour when bob walked,he smiled and sat down beside me i knew it was time for the "TALK"but i didnt want to talk i was so scared!!
"hales we have to talk,and i know you dont want to but its better to get it over with now rather than later and anyways there is nothing to worry bout"bob said while smiling at me he began to talk again but i cut him of.
"bob let me start,im really sorry for what i said to you 7 years ago i really am i regret it so much,i really missed you and i realised that i was a stupid bitch that night if i could take it away i would honestly,i love you more than anything,you mean the world to me,your kind,caring,loving,your everything a sister could wish for,i understand if you never want to forgive me and i wouldnt blame you"i cryed,he wraped his arms around
"hales,i do forgive you thats why we needed to talk,i should be the one saying sorry,i was the one that ruined your life,im really sorry,i regret storming out of here and not saying goodbye it crused me,i hope you can forgive,i dont deserve you, i love you to so much,can we put the past behind us and never talk about it again please for both of our sakes"no he was crying to from that moment i knew everything was going to be okay
"dont worry bob i do forgive you,cause i love you and your my brother,yeah lets never talk about this or the past again,just lets back to way we used to"i said while wiping the tears of my face
"yes lets,fresh start,starting now"he laughed,wiping his tears away to,he told me about what he got up to in the last 7 years and how he met the guys and got in the band i was so proud of him,i then told him about what i got up to which wasnt much,he was about to leave when stone sours sonng called"im made of scars"came on
"hales just one more thing before i go"he turned to face me
"yeah what is iT"i asked
"do you still harm yourself,i want the thruth"looking at me
"no i dont,but to be honest sometimes i get the urge to but i dont,i realised that if i kept doing it,i would get serioulsy hurt or even worse end up killing myself,and dont worry i promise il never do it again"i said smiling up at him
"okay thank you,well im of to bed im really tired from traveling and besides frankie is prob getting lonely,night night hales,il see you in the morning"he walked over hugged me and kissed me on the forehead
"nite nite bob,sleep tight and dont let frankie bite"i hugged him back,he laughed and left
thank god we put the past behind us,i cant wait to have my older brother back,i knew from this moment on was going to be the start of something awesome,i turned off my radio and got into bed as soon as i hit the pillow i fell aslleep.........
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