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im sorry i never should have said them words

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haley(aka hales) bryar is the younger sister of the famous drummer for mcr bob bryar,she hasnt seen him in 7 years what will happen when the finally see eachother again?

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the past pov....

"bob i thought i could trust you"i said,tears streaming down my face.
"you can,but i just thought mum and dad needed to know"he said while trying to hug me.
"you thought they needed to know that i was harming myself and starving myself over somegirl at school who kept calling me fat,ugly,fag,you thought they needed to know that"i said as my voice got louder.
"i was only trying to help,i care about you to much hales,to let this get any further"he said wraping his arms around me.
"fuck you bob,you thought i was going to fucking kill myself over that shit,i thought you knew me better than that,my life is completely ruined now thanks to you,get the fuck of me"i said pushing his arms of me.
"im sorry i really am,yeah i did think you were going to do that,but i was wrong i should have never thought that in the first place,im am truly sorry,i love you hales"he said while trying to hug me again.
"do you know what bob,i dont care if your sorry,you betrayed me i would never do that to you,i fucking hate you for what you done,just leave me alone and stay the fuck out of my life"i said while running down the hall into my room..

Present pov.....
my name is haley(aka hales) jane bryar im 23 and from seattle chicago i live with my mum and step dad,i know what a loser still living at home but if you seen the prices of apartments here you would be living with your perants ecspecially if you worked in a music shop with a crappy wage,well anyways i consider myself as a lonely child even though i have a brother named robert(aka bob)if you dont know already he is in one of the most famous bands going MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE...i havent spoken to bob in 7 years i was 16 going on 17 when he told mum i never forgave him or what he done,i can remember that day as if it was yestrday,"leave me alone and stay the fuck out of my life was the last words i ever spoke to him i regret saying that so much,i miss him so bad sometimes i sit in his room and just think of the times we would sit up to all hours playing video games how i wished to be back there,oh by the way two days ago i found out bob and his friends from the band are coming to visit for a couple of weeks im so scared that he will hate me still,but im going to aplogise to him as soon as he gets here tomorrow,even if he dosent except my apology at least i know i tried right.......

"haley could you come here for a moment please"my mum shouted rom the kitchen
"what is it mum,i already made the beds for the boys"i said sitting down beside her
"yes huni i know but there is a change of plan the boys are arriving tonight instead of tomorrow they finished there tour early,they should be here in no time"mom said smiling i knew she was so happy to be getting to see her son bob
"WHAT!!mum im not ready,i mean i havent seen bob in 7 fucking years,i need to get prepared"i said taking deep breathes,before i knew it,bob and his friends walked into the kithchen....

"MOMMY"bob shouted while hugging and kissing her
"robert corey bryar im glad your back"my mum said hugging him back
"hales is that you?you look so diffrent"bob said coming over to me and giving me a hug
"bob yeah its me,wow you look diffrent to,im really glad you came to visit"i said smiling
"mum,hales i wanna you to meet my band"bob said while pointing to the four guys standing behind him
"mum this is micheal way not only our bassist but the nicest guy you will ever meet,but call him mikey"bob said while mikey was shaking her hand
"nice to meet you mrs bryar"mikey said smiling
"this handsome fella here is gerard way our vocalist and mikeys older brotheer"bob said while pointing at him and he then hugged me and our mum
"this guy with the afro is ray toro our lead guitarist,he has awesome hair you should play with it"bob said laughinh while ray hugged mum and me
"last but not least,this little guy is the one and only mr frank iero,the sex symbol of the band"they all laughed while frank hugged mum and me,he was so red bless him,but i know what bob ment when he said sex symbol,frank was so hot,he was the same hight as me,he had black hair short at the back and spiked and a bit longer at the front,with hair covering his face on the right side he was sex on legs..

"everybody this is my mum ava"bob said while the guys starting hands with her
"this beautiful young lady over here is my little sis haley but call her hales for short,oh may i add she also plays drums like her big bro"he said laughing,while the guys hugged me.

"guys lets watch a move and i'l show you were you will be staying later"i said while turning on the tv and taking a seat on the couch in between bob and mikey while ray,gerard and frank sat on the floor.
"yeah that sounds coool"they all replied,we started to watch the moive and then bob whispered to me
"sis we need to talk later on tonight about stuff ok"he said while looking back at the tv
"okay sure,cant wait"i said scared shitless of what he might say,what if he says he dosent want me in his life,well i suppose i desrve it,but im going to tell him sorry so it should be okay,it will be okay,wont it?...............
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