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The New Team

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First, just want to say I rated PG-13, for two reasons. 1. I think it is 2. I have not a clue of the American system, but think I got it right ANYWAY. This is one of my unfortunate CSI:Miami ...

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A New Beginning: Miami Style

Chapter 1 - The New Team

The crime lab was alive with hustle and bustle. With Calleigh and Natalia gone, and Horatio having just retired, the weight of the lab had fallen to Eric. Not that he minded, he had a great team behind him.

When the others had left, leaving him just Speed and Ryan, he had applied for new CSI’s. And had gotten plenty. Seven new members had joined the team, making them more unstoppable than ever. With all this help, they had soon risen to the title of the Best Crime Lab in the country, beating out Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles.

And of course, they had all come out of it with a very good deal indeed.

“Hey Eric!”
“Hey Becki. Aren’t you working the Marina case with V?”
He smiled.
“Oh, I see.”
She grinned back.
“Well, Nick’s in the layout room with V, so…”
Eric nodded.
“You know, it’s a wonder we got that award. I swear we spend to much time with our respective half’s.”
She smiled, giving him a quick kiss.
“Well it must be good for us then.”
Eric nodded.
“Come on, lets go break up the happy couple.”
Becki rolled her eyes.
“We’re on lunch in five anyway. Just round everyone up.”
Eric laughed.
“Alright then.”
He sent them all a page, and within minutes the whole team was there.

Christina, Virginia (V), Meghan, Caroline, Ryan, Speedle, Nick and Greg all looked at him expectantly. Then they spotted who was with him.

Meghan folded her arms in mock outrage.
“I see. So while we are all slaving away, you two are taking advantage of a little alone time.”
Both Eric and Becki laughed, and Becki moved to join her friends.
“Come on!” Eric smiled. “As if you lot weren’t doing the same thing.”
Meghan shrugged, simultaneously trying to swallow her smile and sinking into Speed’s arms.
Eric raised an eyebrow, and Meghan just grinned.
“Right then. Since no-one seems to be able to concentrate any longer, we are taking an early lunch.”
There was a smattering of cheers, interrupted by Meghan rolling her eyes.
“Perlease! We were off in five anyway!”
Speedle just laughed at her.
“Lighten up babe. That means five extra minutes that Lieutenant Delko here will let us be together.”
Meghan smiled, while Eric blushed violently.
“Okay then. In that case, lets go down to ‘Shrimp’ for lunch. I feel like seafood.”
Speed nodded, and they disappeared.

V turned to Nick.
“Well, in that case, let’s not go there.”
“I heard that V!”
The others laughed as Meghan’s voice drifted back up the steps.
“Joking!” V shouted back.
Caroline turned to Greg.
“Where are we off to then?”
Greg smiled.
“Don’t know. But lets drag these two out, we need company anyway.”
He nodded at Christina and Ryan.
“What do you say?”
Christina and Ryan exchanged a look.
“Well, I’m game.” Ryan said.
“Me too. See you lot in an hour?”
The four of them headed off, leaving V, Becki, Eric and Nick.

V turned to her sister.
“Waddya say sis? Fancy having lunch? And these goons I guess.”
Becki grinned, Eric looked like a whipped puppy.
V laughed.
“Okay then. Wimpy goons. Happy? Now lets go eat - I’m starved.”
They all walked out the crime lab, happily chattering.

Sharp bangs cut through their chatter.
“Get down!” Eric yelled.
They all hit the deck, carefully un-holstering their own guns. Eric risked a glance.
A car. He managed to catch a few letters of the licence plate, before the car sped off.

V was first up.
“What the hell just happened?”
Eric was helping Becki up, so didn’t reply. Nick answered for him
“I think we just got shot at. Just a thought.”
V rolled her eyes, lightly punching him.
“Duh. The question is, why?”
Eric shrugged.
“I don’t know. But I think the long lunch may just have been cut short…”

Authors Notes: Man, I forgot how good this felt. I love being back in the game. And yes, as you may have realized, my character does talk just like me. Pity isn't it? ;)
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