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Ballistics Rules All

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I rate mostly PG. It keeps me save from marauding Vikings. I can't possibly summaries each chapter. I just lose my own train of thought.

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Chapter 2 – Ballistics Rules All

The team was back with them in less than ten minutes. Meghan and Speed had been farthest away, but even they were there quickly. At first, none of them knew what had happened. Meghan looked at Eric.
“What? Do you want us to do more work?”
Eric nodded grimly.
“This isn’t just work.”
He pointed to the bullet holes riddling the side of the crime lab.
“We got us a drive by. And this time, we’re the targets.”
Jaws dropped. Someone whistled. Eric nodded.
“So kits out, lets get going. They might come back, and right now, we’re sitting ducks.”
There was a fierce scramble as people lunged for their kits. It was on, and it was personal.
“There’s no hope here Eric!” Christina called. Caroline and Becki nodded.
“Every one of these has hit the wall. They’ve all mushroomed.”
Eric groaned. Becki, who had been getting steadily paler for a while, came over.
“It’s gonna be fine. We’ll just run another angle. Maybe ti-”
She cut off, clutching her leg.
“Becki?” V appeared in a second.
“What’s wrong?”
Her sister shook her head.
“I’m fine. It’s just my leg…”
V glanced.
“Your leg is bleeding. What the heck?”
Her eyes widened.
“Someone get one of the cars. NOW!”
Christina bobbed out the way, reappearing with V’s Hummer. V pulled her sister into the car.
“You lot stay here. We’re going to the hospital. Oh and Caroline,Christi?”
Christina and Caroline looked up.
“I think we might have found you lot a bullet to work with.”
Jumping into the driver’s seat, V went to pull away, but Eric stopped her.
“Let me go.”
V shook her head.
“You’re the boss. And we don’t really have time to argue.”
Eric turned to Speed.
“Got my back?”
Speed nodded, and Eric jumped in the Hummer.

V rolled her eyes, but sped off anyway, leaving the rest of the team in the dust. Caroline bit her lip.
“She’ll be alright won’t she?”
Nick nodded.
“Trust me, I know those two well. If anyone can get through that, it’s Becki and V.”

Authors Note: I decided if I had shot any of this lot, they would have killed me. Except those who are fictional, but eck. I felt it was just easier to shoot me LO
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