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Road to Recovery

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Stupid bullets....

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Chapter 3 – Road to Recovery

Storming into Dade-Memorial, V flashed her badge at the receptionist.
“Hey there. I need a doctor now. I have an officer here with a suspected bullet wound. And I am not in the mood to wait.”
The receptionist gulped, then made a quick phone call.
“Room 6. Ask for Dr Farner.”
V smiled silkily.
“Thank you. Come on you two.”

She and Eric pulled Becki down the hall, where the doctor was waiting. V grimaced. It had better not be bad. They needed all the help they could get.
Back at the crime lab, the others had pulled ranks and headed back in. Speed, in Delko’s absence, was being particularly pompous.
“Make sure you label that properly Caroline. I don’t wanna lose this evidence.”
Caroline rolled her eyes at Christina, who stifled a laugh, burying her face in Ryan’s arm for cover.
“Christina? Stick to the job, okay?”
Christina returned Caroline’s look. They both struggled to keep a straight face.

Just then, the others came back through to the doors. They were swamped immediately, leaving Speed standing alone.
“Was it bad? Are they-”
“Does it hurt? What –”
“Can you-”
V held up a hand.
“SHH! Everyone!”
She looked around at the now silent crowd.
“Thank you. She’s gonna be fine, it’s just a leg shot.”
Becki snorted.
“Really? Would you like this bullet in your leg?”
She waved an evidence bag in the air, and V smiled.
“Point taken. Now let’s get you home. You heard the doctor. Bed for the rest of that day at the very least.”
Becki groaned, but allowed V to steer her back outside, after tossing the bag to Caroline.
“Run that as usual ok? And make sure-”
V clamped a hand over her mouth.
“No working!”
The others were laughing at the look on her face, but Caroline was looking at the bullet. Her eyes widened.
“Automatic weapons. Lets hope they don’t come back for a second shot…”

Authors Notes: hums a tune oh, sorry are we doing this now? Uh ok, my comment is - wait, I used the word SNORT????
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