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Again, PG because of minor gun/violence references.

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Chapter 4 – Aftermath

Back at home, Becki settled on the sofa. She and V lived together, they had taken over their parent’s house when their mom died, their dad had needed a smaller place. Not that they lived alone. About a year before, Nick had asked V to move in with him. She had declined, not wanting to leave her sister, alone or other wise. When Eric had more recently popped the same question, the solution was clear. Eric and Nick had both moved in about three months ago, and it had been a great three months. They were all into Miami’s night life, and spent many a night wandering the Strip together.

V looked at her sister.
“Will you be okay on your own? Should I tell Eric I’m not coming back?”
Becki shook her head.
“I’m fine V. I’d rather go back with you –”
“But you aren’t. Doctor’s orders. Now REST. And I mean it. Call me if you need anything. Anything at all okay?”
Becki grinned.
“Yes nurse. Now can I just watch TV? Or do you have more to say?”
V grinned back.
“Very funny. I’m leaving now.”
She left, leaving her sister alone. Becki grinned, and settled down to watch TV. She’d be fine. Back to work tomorrow, she might as well make the most of a day off.
V rolled back into the crime lab half an hour later. Eric was waiting.
“Is she okay? I wish I could have taken her…”
V smiled.
“She’s fine. Watching the TV. Now what else have we got going? Those two are on the bullet, what can I do?”
Eric shrugged.
“Fix our backlog. The last time I checked, the back log was, twenty cases. And that’s just Dayshift.”
V groaned.
“See, now I wish I had stayed home.”
Eric smiled.
“Just look on the bright side V. Think of all those people you help.”
V rolled her eyes, but she nodded.
“Alright then. You’ve got me. So gimme one.”
Eric handed her a case file, which she flicked through with a sigh.
“Okay. I’ll be in Trace then.”
Eric nodded, and she disappeared. He didn’t have to wait long before his pager went off, and he hurried down to Ballistics
“Drawing a complete blank in all databases. There’s nothing.”
Eric nodded.
Caroline smiled.
“How did you know there would be a but?”
Eric shrugged.
“I live with Becki and V. There is always a but. So what do we have?”
Christina answered for her.
“We reckon we’ve identified the model. It’s a Colt m16/m4 carbine 5.56mm machine gun.”
Eric whistled.
“That is one heck of a gun.”
Caroline nodded.
“Yep. Let’s just hope they don’t come back. Because with a gun like this, I’m surprised they missed in the first place.”
Eric winced.
“They didn’t miss Caroline. They hit. And when they hit one of us, they hit us all.”

Authors Notes: Eric has a good point. If you have ever been in a conversation with me and V, you will certainly learn that no sentence ends without BUT. Usually along the lines of 'yes, I did borrow it, BUT' LOL
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