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We Are The Cops

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Chapter 5 – We Are the Cops

Later that day, after they had all eaten, V, Becki, Nick and Eric all sat down to watch their favorite show. V and Nick stole one sofa, while Eric and Becki curled up on the other. V was shouting at the TV.
“Be realistic people! CSI’s just DO NOT DO THAT. And we ALWAYS wear gloves!”
Becki grinned.
“You know they can’t hear you right?”
V smiled.
“I know. But it makes me feel better.”
Eric rolled his eyes.

It was then, that the fake gunfire on the TV, came shooting through their window.
They all hit the floor, crawling for any vague form of shelter. Over the shots, all that could be heard was a lot of swearing, coming from scattered around. After a while, the shots died down, and they heard sirens in the distance. Eric spoke first.
“We should have had the sense to call the cops.”
He held up his cell phone. V just looked at him.
“We are the cops.”
Eric grinned, blushing. Once they were sure the sirens were outside, they all got up. V ran to her sister.
“Are you okay? Did you make sure this time?”
Becki smiled.
“I’m fine. Now go get the door. That’ll be the cops.”
Eric smiled.
“We are the cops.”
Becki threw him a look.
“Don’t start that again.”
That night Eric lay awake, staring at the ceiling.
"Why are they shooting at us? What do they have against us?"
He poked Becki in the back.
"What do you think?"
She groaned.
"I have my back to you for a reason. It’s midnight, I am trying to sleep, and I suggest you do the same."
Eric grinned.
"I just wanna know ya'know."
Becki groaned again.
"If you speak again, you can go sleep downstairs. I want to be awake in the morning, and I mean AFTER actually getting some sleep."
Eric nodded.
"Okay then."
He settled for a few minutes, then a thought came into his head.
"What if -?"
He was cut off as a pillow hit him in the face. He smiled.
"Alright then I'm shutting up."
Becki smiled
"Thank you. Now GO TO SLEEP!”

Authors Notes: My sense of humor is warped. But I can tell you that V actually DOES yell that at the screen. It's endearing really.
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