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Girl/guy angst here guys. Lets all reach for the tissues....

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Chapter 6 – Fallouts

The rest of the team swarmed round them the next morning, asking question after question. It was Eric who shut them up.
“Everybody QUIET!”
The hubbub died down, and they all looked at him.
“Thank you. Now I just want to say, what’s been going on, is nothing but bad luck. True, they attacked our house, but maybe it was just random. In any case, we’re going to get to the bottom of it.”
Becki waved her hand in the air. Eric rolled his eyes.
“You know we don’t do that.”
Becki smiled innocently.
“Sorry. But you were acting like a teacher.”
This raised a few titters from the others, silence with a swift look by Eric, who raised his voice.
“Alright then. Everyone, just get on with your jobs.”
As the group dispersed, Becki went to follow her sister. Eric shook her head.
“You stay here.”
Her eyes flashed, her voice cold.
“It was a joke Eric. You’re not my keeper, you’re not my-”
“I’m your boss while we’re here. You’re undermining my authority, making people think this is a huge joke.”
Becki threw him a disgusted look.
“Really? And you don’t think that’s what we need? I’m not going to stand by and watch you convince them they’re about to be shot at any second! They’re not! These guys aren’t after the crime lab! They’re not even after the CSI’s! They’re after-”
She stopped mid-sentence, clamping a hand over her mouth.

Eric crossed to her in two strides, pulling her hand away.
“They’re after what? You know who they are, what they’re up to? You have to tell me, tell me what you know!”
By now he had hold of both her wrists, holding her there. Becki looked up at him.
“I can’t tell you. I said to much-”
She tried to pull away, but his grip was to strong.
“Eric! Let go of me!”
He ignored her, pulling her out of the way of the main thoroughfare.
“Becki! You have to tell me! What if next time they don’t go for us? What if they hit someone else, anyone? You can’t say you don’t care!”
Becki stared at him coldly, finally managing to prise her hands from his grip.
“They won’t Eric. I know what’s coming. And I can handle it.”
She walked off, not looking back at him. It suddenly dawned on him, and he shouted after her.
“Becki! I’m sorry, I never meant...”
He trailed off as she ignored him, disappearing into the Ballistics lab.

He leant against the wall, head in his hands. Why had he handled it like that? Why on earth hadn’t he let her handle this? He trusted her, she knew what she was doing. And he had messed it up. Their first fallout. He hoped it would be the last.

Authors Notes: Ouch. When I wrote this, I think I forgot how hot he was... LOL. I have had arguments like this, and boy it ain't pretty. I kinda wish I didn't yell so much
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