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Chapter 7 – Sharing

Hurrying into Ballistics, Becki pulled her sister aside.
V glanced at her, immediately seeing the concern in her eyes.
“Becki? What happened?”
Becki shook her head, pulling V out of the Ballistics lab and into an empty room.

Caroline looked after them.
“What’s going on with those two?”
Christina shrugged.
“Who knows? But I bet it has something to do with Eric. And I bet any money he had a go after we went. The ‘stay here’ didn’t look ‘lets have a friendly chat’ kind.”
Caroline nodded, and the pair got back to work.

Alone, Becki turned to her sister.
“I may have accidently, complete slip of the tongue, by the way, hinted to Eric that we know what’s going on.”
V stared at her.
“What the hell did you say?!”
Becki shrugged.
“I just said they weren’t targeting the police, they weren’t targeting CSI, they were targeting-”
V looked at her.
“You stopped there? Tell me you did Becki, because if this gets out-”
She didn’t finish. She didn’t need to. Becki shook her head.
“That’s it I swear. Do you think we should let Dad know or...”
V shook her head.
“No. He’s worried enough already, all these attacks. The last thing he needs to know is that we almost screwed up.”
Becki shook her head.
“No V. I nearly screwed up.”
V looked at her, her stare penetrating.
“No way sis. When we screw up, we do it as a team.”

Authors Notes: Thankfully I know who not to lose my temper with. V is one of those people. I am also aware that I screw up a LOT in this story. Thats true of real life too.
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