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Coming Clean A.K.A Father's Day

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Ah yes, Daddy dearest. This again is short, but totally worth it.

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Chapter 8 – Coming Clean A.K.A Father’s Day

For all his years, Horatio Caine remained vigilant.

He had kept contact with many at the crime lab, heard many anecdotes of the new team.

The new team. He sighed. One of the strongest, largest crime fighting teams in the world. He still felt part of it, a strong bond. But not through his old co-workers, not through Eric, Ryan or even Speed. No, his bond was stronger, his family, his-

He heard a cough, turning to see Becki and V in the doorway.

His face cracked a smile as they sank onto the sofa.
“Hello girls. Long time no see.”
To his surprise neither returned the smile, worried looks on their faces. He frowned.
“What’s wrong?”
V opened her mouth to speak, but Becki shook her head.
“No, it’s my fault, I’ll tell him.”
She sighed, turning to Horatio.
“Dad, we have a problem......”

Authors Notes: Oh yes. Wait, I never thought of this before! Being spawned from H!!! ARGH! Save me!!!! Damn, I don't ever really think do I?
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