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Horatio's Reaction

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Yes, that is what it is.

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Chapter 9 – Horatio’s Reaction

“You told him what?!”
Becki winced at his reaction, V jumped to her defence.
“You wouldn’t have done the same? When someone grabs you like that they mean business dad. She had every right to let him know that he was in no danger.”
Horatio snorted.
“No danger? Don’t make me laugh. Both him and Nick are in as much danger as you two! He’d be in no danger at all if you weren’t sleeping with hi-”
Both shouted at the same time, blushing scarlet. V snatched up her bag.
“Now that’s too far. You say that to her, it gets me. You forget that Nick lives there too? And what makes you so sure? Just because you and mom’s relationship was like that doesn’t mean that we-”
Becki didn’t have to shout, her sister got the message loud and clear. Throwing their father a disgusted look, she stormed out.

Horatio looked at Becki, but she averted her eyes.
“We’re not five anymore dad. And neither are you.”
Without another word she followed her sister out.

Horatio sank into his chair, hearing the Hummer’s engine start up outside. He’d screwed that one up.

Heaving himself up, he went to close the door. You couldn’t be too careful, and he knew they wouldn’t have locked it behind them.

With his on the doorknob, he felt a shadow fall across him. So a moment later when he smelt the sickly scent of chloroform, he really wasn’t very surprised at all.

Authors Note: And neither was I! And that does make a change for me
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