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Accept That

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Chapter 10 – Accept That

V’s driving was usually erratic, but when she was mad it was down right dangerous. Her hands shook on the wheel.
“I’m not taking that kind of rubbish from anybody, not even him. It’s over the line, it’s intrusive, it’s-”
V spun to stare at her sister. Becki’s eyes were shining with tears.
Becki shook her head.
“It’s no use V. We can’t deny that. Eric and Nick are in danger whilst they’re with us.”
She reached for her cell, but V stopped her.
“No. There must be an easier way. Maybe we go on holiday, just me and you yer?”
Her sister still looked uncertain, but V took one hand off the wheel to squeeze hers.
“Don’t worry. The guy’s love us, they’ll understand.”
Becki shook her head.
“Not Eric. He already thinks I’m keeping something from him.”
V smiled.
“Well you are. And I doubt he even knows who dearest daddy is either.”
That did it. Her sister laughed.
“You’re a caution you know.”
V grinned.
“Yep. Now lets go sort this lot out, lunch break is long over!”

Authors Notes: Surprisingly enough, I get told that a lot. Oh yes, every day our assistant head walks in the common room and shouts 'don't you lot HAVE lessons to go to? Lunch break is long over!' HAHA
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