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Kiss and Make Up

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Soppy, and given away in the title

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Chapter 12 – Kiss and Make Up

Eric stared at her.
She shook her head, her hair cascading over her shoulders.
“I said no Eric.”
Eric bent his head, getting to his feet.
“Why? Don’t you love me?”
She smiled.
“Of course I do. But when you screw up, that isn’t the answer. You don’t propose to say you’re sorry.”
She reached out and squeezed his hand.
“There are two good reasons to get married. Pregnancy, and actually being ready to get married. Okay?”
Eric nodded, then shot a glance back at her.
“But I – Wait, you’re not..?”
She laughed.
“No way. But seriously, think before you act darlin’.”
He smiled back, leaning forward to make his lips meet hers.

There were several wolf-whistles, V’s protests,
“Get a roooom!”, but they ignored it all.

When they broke apart, an audible sigh went around the room. Becki grinned.
“So me and V should get to work.”
Eric smiled, waggling a playful finger.
“Ah yes! You have twenty minutes to make up later.”
She raised an eyebrow.
“Oh really? If you knew the day I had-“
He smiled, giving her one last kiss.
“I can make a fair approximation.”
She grinned, following her sister down to Ballistics.

Authors Notes: I couldn't resist! I have no control over these people. Honest
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