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An Explanation, If You Please

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Sometimes you have to love this lot

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Chapter 13 – An Explanation If You Please

Both Christi and Caroline looked up expectantly when they came down. Christi put her hands on her hips.
“So where have you been whilst we’ve been slaving away here?”
Becki laughed.
“Don’t you start!”
A shrill ringing punctuated the conversation that ensued, and Caroline slipped away to take her call.

They all heard snippets of what she was saying.
“ not right-...He asked WHAT?!”
She threw down the phone, rushing back to the others.
“Is it true? Did Eric propose to you?”
V rolled her eyes, but Becki laughed.
“Yer. And I said no.”
Both Caroline and Christi gasped.
“Why? What hap-?”
Serious?! I would’ve-“
A piercing shriek filled the air, and everyone spun to look at V.

She stood, arms folded, surveying them all.
“Thank you. Now let her speak for goodness sake!”
Becki grinned.
“Still on the defence there V?”
V gave her a small note, and a meaningful look that her sister returned before continuing.
“He only really did it to make up for being suck an idiot earlier. That’s why i said no. I explained my feelings to him and we’re good.”
She suddenly grinned.
“Now what was it you were saying about lots of work?”
Alone again in the lobby, Eric Delko smiled. He had his girl back. So he was happy. But it nagged at him as he hurried off to the print lab. When could he explain to her that he meant what he had said?

Authors Notes: Hell, ain't that cute?
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