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Promises and Truth

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Chapter 14 –Promises and Truth

When Horatio Caine finally came to, the memory of what had happened almost made him pass out again.

Gathering his muffled thoughts, one stood out strong. The girls. His girls. They were in so much danger now, worse than before. Those drive-bys were just a taster, a demonstration just for him. To show him they knew.

They knew about his daughters, as much as he’d tried to protect them. His one weakness. And now these people knew, they could do whatever they liked. He would tell them anything, give them anything. He would not give them cause to hurt his girls. They were his life and soul, his last connection to his long gone wife. Her last words had been ‘protect them.’

In the darkness, his own pain he murmured these words. He had lived to that promise for twenty years, watched his tiny daughters become who they were now. He wasn’t going to let them go now. He couldn’t.
Back home that night, everything was back to normal. V and Nick curled up on one sofa, Becki and Eric on the other.

Ten minutes before their show was about to start, V reached for the phone.
“I guess if Eric could do it...”
She glanced at her sister.
“Dad will understand I hope.”
When no one answered the phone, she frowned.
“That’s weird, I’ll try his cell.”
“Dad? Why didn’t you-”
Her voice trailed off. Becki shrugged, wandering in the direction of the kitchen. V grabbed her arm.
“Who the hell! What? You can’t do that you useless son of a-”
V dropped the phone. Becki looked at her white face in alarm.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
V groaned.
“They’ve got him Becki. It’s over.”
Both Nick and Eric were now exchanging looks of concern over the girl’s heads. Becki dropped to her knees, shaking her head.
“No it’s not V. It’s not over yet. He won’t say a word yet; he won’t say anything until he knows they can hurt us. And we’re safe, we’re right here. It’s gonna be fine V. We call in his contacts, bust him out ok?”
V nodded uncertainly, and her sister gave her a hug.
“See? We’ve switched places!”
V gave her a small smile.
Eric coughed, and both girls jumped. He cleared his throat.
“Would either of you like to tell me what’s going on?”
Becki looked at V, who nodded.
“We’ll have to. Until we get him out, there’s always the chance they will try for us though these two.”
She turned to Eric ad Nick.
“Sit back down. It’s a long story, and I suppose the best place to start is with our names. Care to guess?”
Nick and Eric exchanged a look. Nick spoke tentatively.
“Uh, is this a joke? You’re V and Becki.”
V nodded.
“Right. Now can you tell me our last name?”
The par exchanged another look.
Eric shook his head.
“N- no. You never told us...”
V nodded.
“Right again. And with good reason.”
She took a breath.
“My full name is Virginia Elizabeth Caine. And my sister, is Rebecca Elizabeth Caine.”

Authors Notes: I have just a few words here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, and anyone calling me Rebecca WILL fid their heads missing the next day :)
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