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Attention Span

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Mine is very short.

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Chapter 15 - Attention Span

Two jaws dropped. Becki threw her sister a look.
“Cheers V. You know I hate that. Almost as much as you hate being called Virginia.”
V nodded with a slight smirk.
“I figured we might as well go the whole way.”
Becki rolled her eyes, then remembered Eric and Nick.
“Opps, sorry boys, forgot you were there.”
Eric just gaped at her.
“You’re a....are you...”
He swallowed and Becki smiled.
“I’ll take this one. Yes, those are our real names. Our mother was Elizabeth Caine, and, as you may have guessed, daddy dearest is none other than your old boss Horatio Caine.”

Still neither man said a word. The twins exchanged cheeky smiles.
“I know this is a lot to take in...”
Eric nodded numbly. Nick was making faces resembling a long line of goldfish. V gave a nervous giggle, sinking back beside him. Becki re-joined Eric, waving a hand comically in front of his dazed face. She sighed, sinking into the depths of the sofa.
“V, I’m going to go get a bottle of brandy and some strong tea. It might bring them back to life.”
V nodded, concealing a smile.
When Becki came back, both Nick and Eric sipped their drinks mechanically for a few seconds, then the feeling of their tongues burning brought them back.
Both V and Becki snorted with laughter.
“Well, it woke you up!”
Nick flashed them a small smile, taking a more cautious sip of his tea and brandy. V nodded.
“Right. Now we have your attention. We can explain...”

Authors Notes: Poor boys! Ah well, that kind of thing is true of ALL men thus far!
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