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Family History

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Chapter 16 – Family History

Elizabeth had married Horatio in 1984, and Becki and V were born just over a year later.

At the time Horatio had just begun to work with the Bomb Squad and the four of them were extremely happy. He had also then, unbeknown to his family, been working undercover for an agency similar to the CIA. His father had worked for them, it traditionally passed from father to son, the son taking over at the age of twenty five.
Many a time he had narrowly escaped death, but he always went out of his way to ensure no harm came to his family, that no enemy even knew they existed. They were his sanctuary, his stronghold.

This sanctuary was shattered when the girls were eighteen months old. Elizabeth developed an aggressive form of cancer, and died just a week shy of their second birthday. Still, Horatio soldered on, now juggling his real life, his family and the HAS.

When this became too much, he requested a leave of absence from HAS, who agreed to allow him to lead a normal life until his daughters came of age at twenty one.

The years quickly flew by, and soon Horatio was the head of the Miami-Dade crime lab. Even then he kept his girls (Then nearing the age of sixteen.) a close guarded secret. Not even his co-workers knew he had two teenage daughters.

Once the girls had graduated, he knew he only had a few years before HAS would seek him out again. He arranged for the girls to attend Sarah Lawrence college, to ensure they could not be found so easily.
He had been right. HAS sought him out on the very night the girls turned twenty one and he grudgingly rejoined their ranks.

When the girls finished college, he felt obligated to tell them about his position and the danger it could put them in. He tried to ensure they were kept well away, finding them their own, and getting them jobs under the new head of the crime lab, Eric Delko.

Authors Notes: Don't I make life simple? :)
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