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Plans and Tactics

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Chapter 17 – Plans and Tactics

Once the tale was over, Becki smiled.
“And now of course, he’s gone and got himself kidnapped, and with no son...”
“The responsibility falls to us.” V finished cheerfully.
Nick blinked wide eyed.
V laughed.
“That’s what we said when he told us. We’re not really meant to have told you, but-”
“-We realize if they know about us, they must know about you. The kidnappers I mean.” Becki added.
Eric nodded thoughtfully.
“So you’re telling us we could be taken hostage at any time in order for you two to give yourselves up to these people?”
Becki considered this.
“Yer, that about sums it up.”
“But we hope it won’t come to that.” V chimed in.
Nick shook his head in disbelief. V grinned at him.
“Blind- sighted? Not surprised.”
She got to her feet.
“You two stay here, we’d better go over to dads and get the right contact. We have to call HAS, they’ll send someone in. All these people want is HAS secrets, and dad won’t give in without a fight anyway.”
“Which is why they need us.” Becki reminded her.

The pair left, leaving Nick and Eric very confused. Nick spoke first.
“Did you know about any of this?”
Eric shook his head.
“Not a clue. And I worked with Horatio for years and years.”
Nick nodded, then a thought struck him.
“Wait, they said they were going to Horatio’s right?”
Eric nodded.
“Yer. Why?”
“Because does it not seem obvious that these people will have thought of that?”
Eric’s eyes grew wide.
He snatched the phone from its cradle, punching in Becki’s cell phone number.
“Come on! Pick up, pick up...”
Nick heard a ringing and fished behind the sofa. Wordlessly he handed the phone to Eric, who glanced at the screen.
Lit up were the words ‘Home calling’.

He groaned, trying V’s instead. Her phone lit up on the kitchen sideboard. He flung the phone down, kicking it under the sofa.
“Dammit, Dammit, Dammit! Why didn’t they think of this?”
Nick shrugged.
“I don’t know Eric. Try Horatio’s home, maybe they’ll pick up.”
Eric shook his head.
“It’ll be too late by then. We only have one alternative...”
He fumbled under the sofa for the phone. Nick nodded.
“Good call. Then we follow?”
Eric nodded grimly, phone to his ear.
“Like a shot.”
Parking the Hummer on the street, V fished a spare house key out of her pocket. They crept in, without switching on any lights. V nodded to her sister, who headed for her dads room, while V checked his desk.

Suddenly she heard a muffled clatter, her sisters voice.
She dropped the papers in her hand, hurrying through the rooms.
“Becki? Becki!”
A cold hand grabbed her from behind, pressing a cloth to her mouth. The last thing she remembered before she went down was the scent of Chloroform, and two words. Oh Dear.

Authors Notes: Whoops
Anyway, I'm out for a bit, contrary to what I tell people, there is actually a stack of work on my desk needs doing, and I shall return to post the rest presently. Also, this story is one of about 30/40 I have written, not that all of them will go on here obviously. And this one itself is a series piece. Anyway, soon!
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