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A Whole Lotta Trouble

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Chapter 18 – A Whole Lotta Trouble

The house was still dark when Nick and Eric arrived twenty minutes later. Eric fiddled uncomfortably with his watch. That wire on the band was annoying. But necessary he supposed.

Using the key from Becki’s keys, the let themselves in. Nick called out nervously.
“V? Becki?”
No answer.
Eric had been feeling around in the dark, and now his hand brushed the light switch. He flicked it on.

The sight almost made him sick. Blood covered the walls and ceiling, splattered the sofa. Nicks eyes were wide.
“No... They wouldn’t. Would they?”
Eric looked grim.
“I hope no-”
He cut off, his eyes catching sight of a sheet of paper pinned to the wall. He pulled it down, reading it aloud.
“You’re too late. Caine will tell us all we need to know now.
Malae Graci.”
Eric gave a cry of anger, screwing the note up.
“The sick sons of-”
Nick had spotted something else.
“-Think that they can do what the-”
Eric half shouted, kicking the sofa in his anger. Nick pointed to a second note, it had been concealed under the first. Wordlessly, Eric took it, handing it to Nick, who read aloud.
“Go to the abandoned warehouse off the strip if you would like to claim the bodies.”
Nick sighed, glancing at Eric. Eric just nodded.
“We’re going.”
Nick raised an eyebrow.
“But the others - - “
“Can follow. Come on. I’m not leaving them to rot in some warehouse.”
Shrugging, Nick followed him. It was going to be an excruciating journey.
Half an hour earlier, Christi, Meghan, Caroline, Ryan, Speed and Greg had been enjoying a late meal at a local restaurant. A rally of consecutive beeps interrupted the tranquillity.
Everyone grumbled as they rummaged for their pagers and switched them off. Meghan held hers aloft.
“Everyone else got Eric?”
She grinned as they all nodded.
“Ok, I’ll call on everyone’s behalf.”
She reached for her cell, dialling Eric’s number.
“Hey Er-. Okay. Really? No way! At the door right? Okay don’t worry Eric. We’ve got your back.”
She put the phone down, casting a grim eye over the group.
“Leave the food guys, we’ve got a job to do.”
While Eric and Nick were examining the devastation of the house, V came slowly too. Her first thought was to wonder where on earth she was. And then she remembered.
Groaning, she tried to move her hands. They didn’t budge. She pulled them up to her face, squinting in the near blackness. Her hands were tied together. She considered undoing it with her teeth, but the gag across her mouth pretty much cut that option out. She sighed. They had messed up big time. Now these people had hold of them, Horatio would sing like a bird. She knew he wouldn’t hesitate.
His one weakness.

She heard another groan in the darkness, saw a black shape. She sighed with relief. Moving together, the two girls clung to each other for dear life. They were in some sort of vehicle, but the windows had been painted black. V tutted. Foiled again.

They were suddenly thrown forward as they came to a sudden halt. They could hear voices, but no amount of straining would let them pick out the words.

The doors were suddenly flung open, two men blocking the exit. V looked at her sister, and they both kicked out. The men dropped and they leapt out the back. They hadn’t anticipated the other two men, stationed out of sight.

Both girls were knocked down, then pulled onto their knees, held from behind. A fifth man, with dark hair came and stood in front of them. The gags were pulled off, and V was very quick to tell the man what she thought of him.
He just laughed.

Becki, who had said nothing so far, straightened up.
“Who are you?”
He gave her a toothy smile.
“My name is Cameron. Not that it matters to you. And right now, you’re both your old mans worst night mare.”
He and his men all laughed. V rolled her eyes, hissing to her sister.
“Of course. The kidnappers cliché.”
Becki nodded, but she was worried. They weren’t getting out of this one easily. Silently she thought of Eric and Nick. And hoped they hadn’t tried to follow.

/]Authors Notes: Mwahaha. Cliches are funny. And we are also apparently the stupidest people alive. Eck, watcha gonna do?[/
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