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Introducing the gang.

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After the defeat of Lanancuras and Yakumo's death, Binka, Sago, Kutal and The Kittens are back in Mushra's home town trying to find a clue to where Mushra could be. Then one day they find someone w...

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The different races:

Enterrans - Genetically Engineered Beings whose DNA consists of Insects, Animals and Humans. They were created to combat a DNA virus that was wiping out Humanity. Enterrans eventually took over the Earth and renamed it Enterra

Humans - The good old Human Race was the dominant species on Planet Earth until a catastrophic event of a DNA virus
started to wipe them out. Humans were the creators of both the Robots and the Enterrans and were eventually wiped
out by their genetic creation. Reputedly there are Humans at a sanctuary named Shinzo in the first timeline, which
Yakumo is searching for. Humans are thought to be extremely evil and Enterrans fear them deeply. The second timeline
however, sees Human's and Enterrans living in peace with one another.

Robots - Created by the Humans in an effort to build and in general make Human life easier. During the wars between Humans and Enterrans, Robots sided with their creators and after the Human Race was destroyed, the Robots

Main Characters:

Mae Heart: Race: Human and Enterran, Humanoid. A very curious and unmature 15 year old, Mae is a perfect split between enterran and human. Her being half human and a orphan made her an outcast in her village, but she still sets her sights high and never gives up, but she can also be very stubburn and only accepts help from her caretaker, Miesa. Due to her accidental-trouble making everyone in town never uses her first name when talking about her, not wanting her attention on them. Mae's looks: She has light silver shoulder lenghth hair, her eyes are a light green-blue. She wears a white jumpsuit (just like the black one Mushra wears) and also wears golden-yellow armor with purple jewels.(If you've seen Mushra in the last episode, thats kinda how she looks.) Shes about 5 foot 7 inchs tall and weighs about 115-120 pounds.(Name pronounced: May Heart)

Mushra: Race: Enterran. An Ex-Celestial Guardian. Fire elemental, humanoid. Represents the Phoenix and the South. Transforms into Hyper Mushra, a phoenix-knight warrior. Originally a Celestial Guardian, he became a Enterran so he can try to stop Lanancuras, without memory of his previous life. He eventually resumed original form in the end and returned to Earth to live as an Enterran again and see the result of his work. He does not go to Shinzo because he is still alive. (Name pronounced: Mush-rah)

Sago: Race: Enterran. Water elemental, humanoid. Represents the Dragon and the East. Hyper Form is something described as a water devil. He can create Aqua Dragons out of water as one of his attacks. (Name pronounced: Sa-go)

Kutal: Race: Enterran. Earth elemental, felinoid. Represents the Tiger and the West. Hyper form is a lion with stripes with seismic-themed attacks.(Name pronounced: Ku-tall)

Binka: Race: Human. A young girl introduced in the second timeline, sent out by Yakumo to find the chosen ones. She is armed with a bazooka. (Name pronounced: Bing-ka)

Side Characters:

Miesa Kimura: Race: Human. Mae's caretaker and mother figure. When Mae first arrived in town she was very troublesome, so everybody got together and voted on what to do. Miesa stood up for Mae and said she would keep her from causing any more trouble, but after she met Mae she felt like she had to to protect her from the rest of the world not the other way around. Mae looks up to her as a mother, but still calls her Aunt Miesa.(Name pronounced: Mia-sa Key-moo-rah)

Yakumo Tatsuro: Human with celestial powers, a result of absorbing one of the four gems from the meteor that held Lanacuras. Yakumo became part of Shinzo, as will Mushra presumably when he dies. She shows up in flashbacks and plays a roll in Mae's past life.(Name pronounced: Ya-ku-mo Tat-su-row)

Mushrambo: Race: Enterran. Combined form of Hyper Mushra, Sago and Kutal, the reborn Ultimate Warrior of Enterra. Mushra in Hyper form is the key to the transformation: Sago and Kutal turn into EnCards and are then absorbed by Hyper Mushra, then the transformation of Mushrambo begins. Ryuma tried to control Mushrambo with the Black Card, only to be killed by the coruppted warrior who was soon purified by Yakumo. Mushrambo later becomes Golden Mushrambo in the battle with his past self.(Name pronounced: Mush-ramm-bow)

The kittens or Ray, Chen and Este: Kutal's nephews and niece.
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