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Chapter 1: Mae-Day!!!

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A crash course in trust.

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"Get back hear you little creep!" Yelled a shopkeeper "I'd die first!" screamed a young girl as she sped away on a star shaped hover board, her laughter filling the air. The shop owner had chased her for about 4 blocks until she lost him "What a jerk. All that trouble over a few apples, well atleast I won't get in trouble." She talked to herself as she hovered
7 feet above the ground. She carried on her back a brod sword about half her size and a bag hanging to her left side was fill to the brim with apples as red as blood "Well, time to head back home." she spoke to the air in front of her, then sped off towards the west side of town.

~Mean while at the west side of town~

"No humans, so no food!" the half-insect restarant owner yelled as he tossed 2 enterrans and a human out of the building "Well we didn't want to eat here anyway!" Binka screamed back as he closed the door "How rude." She pouted "Never
mind him, how about we go set up camp for tonight and I'll fix dinner." Kutal suggested "Yeah, we could use some rest, we've been kicked out of 5 restarants today." Sago added "Ok..." Binka stared down at her feet "Cheer up." Este jumped on Binka's head "Yeah, we'll get something to eat soon." Chen and Ray smiled, How could Binka stay gloomy looking with them smiling at her, easy, she couldn't.

"Alright, lets go!" she pointed in a random direction and started walking. Just as she took a step something or someone came flying at her from that direction. Almost ramming into her the thing made a very sharp turn to the right "Eeeekkk!" Everybody ducked, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" the thing screamed and crashed into the side of the restarant. "What was that?!" Sago questioned, as they got up a bag and a sword flew from the crash, Kutal, Binka and Sago ran over to the
building (that has a new window now thanks to you know who.....the restarant is made of wood may I add.)

The building had a hole the size off Kutal in the wall "Is everyone ok?" Binka asked all the customors, they nodded
"Uhhh..." a moan was heard near a bunch of broken tables Sago rushed over to the pile "You alright?" He asked, someone
started to move under the pile "Hang on, we'll have you out soon." Kutal lifted a huge piece off wood off a small body
"I'm fine." a choked voice said, geting up in a flash the person made a quick exit, only grabing the hover star that was
laying on the ground and the sword next to the hole "Hey, get back here!" The owner shouted and started chasing the
kid down the street "Lets follow." Sago shouted and jumped onto his vehicle.(It looks like a hover scooter...)

~Being chased~

"Get back here kid! Your gonna get it for causing so much damage to my restarant and then running away!" The owner
screamed, he was gaining speed and it looked like the gap between him and her was closing, fast.{Come on Mae, you
can do this.} Mae told herself, she quickly came up with a plan, making a left turn she flew through a allyway full of clothes lines, just like that she lost him. Catching her breath she leaned against a brick wall, she stayed atleast 10 feet in the air for safety "That was a close one, I almost got caught." Mae told the air in front of her.

"He should be gone by now." she hovered back down to the ground, dusting herself off she felt a stinging pain run through her left arm "Owch!" grabing her arm she saw a big cut running up from her wrist to her elbow "Well thats gonna
leave a mark." she retch for her bag, but noticed it wasn't there "Aw man, I forgot has my first aid kit and my food.....well I can't go back there now an I can't fly around." she ranted, so she sat down in the allyway and held her arm tight, making sure she didn't lose but a few drops of blood.

~a block away~

Everybody was searching for the kid who had caused such a big mess, Sago had picked the bag that the kid droped up
and was now carrying it around "I wonder why they were going so fast." Binka asked the air "Oh, you must be looking
for Heart. right?" an old dog-like women asked, everyones head snaped in her direction "You know who crashed into that
wall?" Kutal questioned "Why yes." the women answered "What do you know about the kid?" Sago asked.

"Where to start?.....A few years back when a youngboy would go around the city causing trouble we would hear this
often..." "Mushra..." Binka muttered as the women continued "...Awhile after the boy left, a light fell from the sky and
landed in the city, we thought it was an angel that had fallen from heaven, but we were wrong...the child started causing
problems and everyone grew to hate the child. I feel sorry for them." "Why feel bad for someone who destroys things
and causes trouble?" Binka wondered "Because everything that happens is an accident. Poor dear..." The women

After hearing her story everyone waved goodbye and started towards thier different vehicles, just then a small
wimpering sound could be heard, everyone turned to a small allyway next to them "W-whats t-that?" Este asked "Not
sure, lets go see." Binka ran down the ally.

~The allyway~

Mae was resting against the wall, finaly comfy and about to doze off, the pain in her arm had stopped and she was really tired.{Maybe if I stay here no one will find me, I can just rest here and when I wake up I can go back home.} "It came from over here." a voice broke Mae from her thoughts, she quickly got up and grabed her hover star, then a something touched her shoulder "Eeepp!" she yelped and jumped back 3 or 4 feet, a tall guy wearing a cloak and a blue helmet was standing there "It's ok, we won't hurt you." he told her waving his hands around.

Mae's grip on the hover star tightined "What do you want?" she asked, behind the guy was a huge cat-like person, Mae's
calm face had turned fearful "Hey there." a small voice called up to her, Mae looked down and saw a cute little kitten next
to her "Este get back here." Kutal damanded, the little kitten didn't listen and jumped onto Mae's shoulder "Your hurt, ya
need help?" Este innocently asked, everyone blinked in unison "umm.....Sure." Mae answered not knowing what else to
say, Binka steped next to Sago and Kutal, she tilted her head to the side "You look like someone very familiar." She
pointed out, Mae tilted her head to the side also.

"You look kinda familiar to....." she replied, "Whats your name?" she asked, everybody was waiting for an answer "Mae
Heart....." Mae muttered just loud enough so no one but them could hear her. "Your a girl?" Sago asked, Mae just
blushed "Yes! What about it?" "Nothing, it's just you look alot like a..." Binka shut her mouth "I'm out of here." Mae gentley
set Este down, grabed her bag from Sago and took off on her hover star "Hey, get back here. Your still injured!" Sago
shouted "I'll treat myself!" she yelled back.

I just want to be safe in my own skin i just want to be happy again and i'm so lonely.
I dont even want to be with myself anymore.
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