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The Pale storm

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A mysterius Storm begins a bewildering adventure to stop a force that none believed exsisted ages: tomis 18, lily is 18, sally and ralph are both 17 others? youll find out.

Category: Horror - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy,Horror,Romance - Warnings: [V] [X] [?] - Published: 2008-06-30 - Updated: 2008-10-05 - 588 words

As Lily read her book, she dimly wondered if her sister Sally would ever come back inside. The girl was always getting herself into trouble, mostly by taunting Ralph, her boyfreind and their neighbor, untill they started throwing things at each other.(young love, eh?)Suddenly, her thoughts were interupted by a sudden BOOM as thunder roared and lightning crackled. These sounds were followed by an ear-sppliting scream. Sally rushed inside to her sister and started crying. "what's going on sis, did the lightning scare you, or was it the THUNDER this time?" Lily said with a tired smile. "NO!" sally screamed, crying. "it's the lightining! Ralphs parents were walking outside, and the lightning got them!" "WHAT. oh, poor Ralph must be devestated, his parents struck by lightining!" Lily said, feeling slightly sick with worry. "NO! The lightning had something in it and after it hit them, the disapeared!" Sally screamed. Lily burst out laughing. She was the top of her clas(had been for years) in biology and earth science, and she just KNEW that nothing could LIVE inside lightning! "What an imagination u have, little sis," Lily said with one last chuckle. "LOOK!" Sally screamed. "Go and see it yourself." Instead, Lily walked to her bookcase and pulled out her two favorite books (Brace yourself, this kid is a science adict); Flora and fauna A-Z, and Weather of the world. " I have read these books dozens of times, and they haven't been wrong yet. Acording to them, NOTHING can live inside lightning." Just then, lightning, writhing as if alive, crashed through the window and struck the book case. It vanished, and the lightning retreated, but not before a set of red eyes from within the lightning glard at the chidren. Their parents came runing into the room, only to be snaped up by two more bolts of living lightning. Then two more bolts struck the young girls, and all was darkness.

When they awoke, they saw that they were surounded by thick fog. looking down they saw the floor was made of glass, and far bellow, they saw... their TOWN?! "What's going on" lily asked. "I'll tell you" said an anoyingly familiar voice. Without looking, the tenns knew it belonged to Ralph, their anoying freind. "We're under attack by the lightning and it's taken us prisoner!" "you're close" said a voice that made Lily's heart leap. "TOM!" she shouted, and turned towards her boyfreind's voice. "It's me all right!" tom said. "I am afraid you're right about us abductting you" said a strange, unfamiliar voice. Turning, the two couples(yeah, in case you have'nt noticed, sally and ralph are more carefully, why dontcha'?!) saw a pale, red eyed man staring at them. "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Demitri, and i'll be .... your host, for a while. You two young gentalmen, please join me for dinner. My freind, Miss Grey, will be here shortly to visit you teo young ladies." Confused, Ralph and TOm followed Demitri. When they vanished. The girls sat in silence for a few muinets until they heard a soft voice call "Dinner time!" they turned in time to see a Tan woman with golden eyes rush them, and the last thing thry remembered was a burning pain in their necks before being swallowed by the darkness.

this is all my story

halldevo out

there is alot more to come, but im short on time, so the next chapter will just have to be longer:) PLS REVIEW IM BEGGING YOU ALREDY:(
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