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The Meeting

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They awoke in their beds. It was morning, and they had slept well. They each assumed it had been a strange dream. They got dressed, got ready for school, and went outside to meet their boyfreinds for a walk to school. "hey" ralph aked as the 4 of them walked. "Any of u guys have strange dreams last night? Cuz I was just chattin with Tom, and we had the same weird dream last night. It had some guy name Demitri , weird lightning, and a creepy diner." "I Had that dream to" both of the girls shouted in unison."What does it mean?" TOm thought out loud. "Tht it wasn't a dream>" said a voice from behind them. They turned to see a man in his 20's and a woman who looked about them same age as him staring at them. Both wore strange outfits: The woman wore a skyblue and white dress,. and the man a red shirt and black pants. "I'm Sol, and this is my girlfreind Luna. " The man said. "Our parents played too many video games before picking our names, aparently" The woman aded in a light, sweet voice. "What would you 2 know about our dreams?" asked sally in a fearfull tone. "We know, since we were there that they were'nt dreams. AND we'd like to help. IF you Want to talk more you can find me at this adress." said Sol, handing them each a bussiness card eith an overlapine cresent moon and sun on it, and the adress 1042 Down Up street. then they turned and walked away."that was just weird" said sally."UH-HU"lily emphatically agreed. "What happened after you 2 left with demitri?" asked sally. Tom thought back. "he took us to a dining table, without food, and it had lots of pale creeps staring at us. Then Demitri said we were their main course, and we got pounced they bit our necks, and i started feeling really weak. Then there was a flash, and they hissed and ran off. I dont remember anything else. What happened to you?" Said tom. Lily stoped gaping and told them aboout the tan woman and the pain in their necks. then something clicked. "Is there anything on your neck, tom?" "Yeah, a red mark, Why?" "Sally, Ralph?" Lily pressed, ignoring tom's question. "Yeaah" they said together. "I think something strange is going on, cause i found a red mark on MY neck this morning too." said liliy. "So? " asked ralph. "So let's go to this 1042 place, and mabey find out why we had this weird not-a-dream thing."said lily. "NOW!""What about school?" Asked tom. They all laughed and, in unison, said "Forget it!"

When they arived at 1042, They saw Sol waiting for them. "Took your sweet time getting here, eh?" "What do you mean? We just saw you 4 hours ago!" tom said, confused. " Do you want to kbow what's going on, or not?" sol replied. They all looked at eachother and said "Fine."

"Now, you guys may not know this, but i have been looking for Demitri for 3 years, ever since he took MY hometown with his storm. I was the first to go to his.... dinner party. I realized quickly, but not quickly enough that i was the meal. The Same goes for luna. She ran from the woman that came when Demitri left. She Bumped into me, and i took the hit fromBOTH groups of psychos. Later..... she took a hit from.... someone else. When we woke up the next day, we realized that we hadnt been dreaming when we saw demitri. We figured it out when, at sunset, our freinds and family turned into things like demitri. The same is going to hapen here, so look out for anyone who seems normal." Sol ended his story with a glance at the kids and asked a strange question. "You kids..... like average teens?" "NO!" ralph shouted instantly. "We are outcasts, and prous of it." "Just like we were, sol" luna said quietly. "Those people who get by only by thinking diferntly are the ones who stay sane, and realize that the dream was real." Sol said. He looked at them and said "You guys are two couples, right?" at seeing their nods, he continued. "Well, be careful if you.. fool arround, ya hear? I dont mean to sound any crazier than i normaly do, but after those 'dreams' people can have violent outbursts. If you guys are having sex when that hapens, you could get REALLY hurt." They all blushed, remembering why they took so long to get there.

Halfway to 1042, ralph and sally decided to... have some fun, while Lily and Tom decided to go for a "walk".

After they had disapeared out of sight, the two couples went at it like crazy. The wild, nearly violent lust that seemed to control them driving them into a frenzy, despite the fact that they were (until now) virgins. Though they remembered EVERY detail, they didnt know why each person, at the end, BIT their significant other.

(if u guys out there want a lemon, reveiw and tell me so, cuz otherwise itll be implied only)

"Warning came to late, eh? I remember looking like you all do now after... Luna was biten. No, it wasnt me, it was demitri and that strange woman." Sol said when the teens looked shocked.

" That woman is a werewolf, and Demitri, a vampire. With a bite from both now in each of our systems, the 6 of us are able to resist anything that happens at sunset, but be warned, being a Werepyre (werewolf-vampire) can be... overwhelming.""Yeah, right, like id belevie that bull shi.......grrrrrrrrr" Ralph cut of mid sentence as his ears twitched and grew pointed. Then his skin went slightly pale,huge wings burst from his back (bat wings, to be specific) and claws and fangs grewon him swiftly. sudenly, he retracted his fangs and claws and his wings wentback into his body as the others each in turn changed the same way. "Congrtaz, now each of you can change at will. If you dont beleive me now, then go hide in a corner, cuz it gets alot stranger from here. Welcome my freinds (for now they were, by choice or not, his freinds) to night fangs, rebels against the taint called Demitri>"

it's a work in progress, pls reveiw, post more within two weeks!
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