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How are you lovers?....Rejoiced.

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You don't realize how powerful a fan's love can be...until your the victim of it.

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Harrow here hi thankyou all for reading my story thankyou from the bottom of my emo heart. I really need 2 girl's to win these parts but i'll let you all do it on your own time. Anyway i am going to watch house of 1000 corpses to get torture scenes in this story so get ready for some sick shit enjoy!:

They were further dragged into the warm livingroom after they seemed to lay on the cold foyer floor for hour's. All of them was up now and they realized that they all had been shot once, somewhere in the body but couldn't find it. Frankie while he was being dragged along the floor felt the bullet push it's way out of his stomach and watched it roll across the floor, it had blood stains on it and ended in the corner somewhere.

They were all then picked up and put on the couch that sat infront of a burning fireplace, " Hello " said one of the guys " The boys of my chem how are you? ". They all sat there afraid to speak who was these people and why were they doing this?. But suddenly mikey was slapped " How the fuck are you all doing! " the man yelled and they answered together " Scared ". " Good " the man said circling around them " You guys are going to have fun " they looked up at them while gerard rubbed his baby brother's cheek.

But then gerard was punched in the stomach, kneeling over and coughing out " Did i ask you to do that the motherfucker is fine! " the man yelled, yanking mikey by the hair to his face " Aren't ya? " " Yes " mikey replied. " What do you want with us? " bob asked, having mikey thrown in his lap " Your fame, your power, your human will " the man said being joined by others.

" Who's ever paying you to do this we'll give you more than they have " ray said, but the man laughed " Yeah you could but we don't want that we're doing this simply because we want to live ". None of the band members knew what this man was talking about how was he going to die, who could kill them? they were huge and built and no one could seem to fight them nor kill them. " Who is this then? " bob asked " You fuckers ask to much questions " the man laughed.

3 other guys now came in, standing infront of them they wore scarves over their faces that came to their noses. They were dressed in black hoodies and jeans and wore guns on the side of their belts there was a 2 tall men and a rather medium sized one, they were all slim though but was fit and strong. " Is the others gone? " one man said " Yeah they parked where they were suppose to " the other answered removing their scarves.

" Lock and secure all the door's " the medium one said " I'll stay here with them " and the others left, for awhile it was silent.

" My chemical Romance " the man said pulling off his scarf he looked so young like he was in his early 20's " How i love you so " he said. " The great bob with your wonderful talent of playing the drums i always wanted to be just like you, and ray i don't think there's anyone who can do what you do on a guitar your like a god. And mikey with all of your skill and calmness while playing, your so confident you don't have to show off ".

Then he turned to frankie and he sung " Frankie, my frankie, my lovely lovely frankie is there anyone as wonderful as you? i just don't know with all your talents and you don't care attitude i wish i could be like that but i care too much ". And with that he faced gerard last, " And if it is'nt the most wonderful man to walk this earth gerard it is my pleasure to finally meet you lord knows i couldn't meet you anywhere else ".

" My name is Rosswell and i have been a fan of my chem since i was 17 i am 23 now, gerard i wish i could sing like you you have no idea how much i care about you and how you inspire me ". He kneeled infront of gerard " I first seen you on the mtv awards when you performed you were simply amazing. My mom thought i was crazy for saying i would one day meet you but i wasn't just look who i'm talking to now ".

Rosswell breathed then said " I went to warp tour too and i only went to watch you sing, i imagine god would sound something like you ". " But you know what really blew me away? it was how you kissed frankie, i knew i was always gay but i didn't know how to say it. Then you said how one should be happy with who they are and take pride in their selves i loved that about you so i did you saved my life ". " It was you i was thinking about when i sat at the dinner table that night and told my mom and dad, it was your songs i was singing when they disowned me, and it was you that i knew in your own way loved me ".

" I had to meet you so with every penny i had i traveled to new jersey when you were there and i gave the security guard a blow job to get next to you, but you ignored me that night and i prayed for you to just look at me but you wouldn't...but it wasn't your fault ". Gerard grew scared now as rosswell moved closer to him " You have so many fans you have to pay attention to all of them they need you but i love you more ".

" That was 3 years ago that night that i went to see you inbetween them i went back to being homeless now but in new jersey instead, i couldn't get back home to california so i stayed there and on my 20th birthday i met them and like you they changed my life ". " Who? " gerard said dry throated, " They were so nice to me they simply adored me, they told me that i could have you if i join them i wanted you so bad so i join them and they took me in ".

" They loved you too especially the other girl she said that you belonged to her and that i could only use you so i obey her but i don't want to i want you ". He then reached out and touched gerard's face " If you agree to come with me you don't have to suffer through what the others have to, me and you can run away together and live anywhere you want i don't care as long as i have you ". Gerard stared hard at him and said " If you love me so much let me go ".

Suddenly gerard was slapped hard acorss the rightside of his face and the boy yelled " No! " and he swallowed hard " I couldn't do that you'd just run away from me ". Gerard looked up and smiled " Well i guess you don't love me " this only enraged the boy more, " I fucking do i left my family for you! " ross yelled back " I don't care you don't love me and i don't love killers ".

" My god i'm not a killer! " and he punched gerard in the nose, bob jumped up to stop him but out of nowhere one of the men appeared with a gun and shot bob in the leg. " Ouch! " bob said falling over on mikey and ray, who caught him " Not a bitch move! " the man said pointing the gun at all of them " What happened rosswell? " the man asked. " Nothing " ross answered standing up now, " Tie these bitches up get them out of my face " and the 3 guys began to do that dragging them pass ross, but he stopped gerard saying " If you don't love me i'll make you then ".

The 5 was tooken upstairs on the 6th floor to a room that was cramped and resembled a attic, on the wooden and splintered littered walls were black cuff's that was nailed into the walls. They were designed to hold up a person against them in a constant standing position there was 5 of them and had buckles that needed a key to be opened. The 5 were set upagainst the wall and left in the dark with the door's shut, frankie wondered who was these people that was paying them to do this and what did they want?.

But they were simple fans ordered to do a mission of human breakage because sometimes, when a fan is a fan they become obsessed and when they lose their minds...

A star can sometimes lose their lives.

Harrow here thankyou guys for everything in the next chapter the torture begans and wills are broken and you will be surprised who Rosswell's helpers are hint they are someone famous and they are rockstars it's only 2 of them though and they stay for a little while. Anyways in your reviews tell me who you think it is and i will tell you if your right and i still need 2 girl's to audition so get on that thank you and bye!.
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