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Stragety#1: " If i hit him will you hit me back? ".

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Socking a bitch in the mouth...hope no guts be pulled out. (lol!)

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Harrow here i have my first person all i need is my 2nd and this thing will be completed. Anyways i hope you enjoy this cause truly sometimes everyone wants to do this enjoy!:

Days had passed now and it seemed like ross and his friends had forgotten about the boys of my chem and that they were even up there in the cramped attic or whatever the hell it was. Food had been cooking downstairs and the boys could smell it but they were offered none, on a bright day a believed the door's were finally opened and the 5 hungry boys were pulled out.

Hunger had made them lose weight and gain dark circles under their eyes, their skin had grew pale too and felt uncomfortable on their own bodies. The blood from being hit in the nose by ross on gerard had caked up and was preventing him from breathing right, they all were dragged down the 6 flight's of steps until they were held upagainst the wall in the dim livingroom.

" Hi boys " ross said coming infront of them " We had almost forgot you were even up there " and all 5 of them looked at him " Oh gerard your looking lovelier than ever! " ross sung coming and hugging him. Gerard tensed up prepping himself for a blow but it never came " I'm still star struck " ross said sitting down on the arm of the couch " You know? " he looked up at them, " I couldn't deal with the fan boy in me so i hired someone to help get me along they never really liked none of you ".

Mikey and all of them looked at eachother but only bob was feeling testy " What the fuck are you talking about? " he said, " Oh don't curse at me i thought you'd be a little more gracious than that " " For fucking what? " bob said " That i haven't killed you yet " ross replied. Rosswell now stood up " They weren't really jealous of you they were more like disapproving " " Of what and of who? " bob said " You silly! the boys of avenged sevenfold ".

" Avenged sevenfold "gerard said " Oh my you have such a pretty voice even with blood crusted up your nose, but yes the boys of A7X i brought them here let's see them be star struck of you ". " They don't hate us " ray said " We toured with them " " Blah blah toured with yeah yeah i know i was there for the 2005 warped tour duh! " and rosswell kicked ray in the leg. Ray fell over and hit the ground looking up, bob didn't like that.

Out of all the boys of my chem bob liked ray the most, he had more in common with him than all the others and they actually liked doing the same things so when someone picked on ray bob was ready to fight for him. " Don't fucking hit him " bob warned, moving closer " What are you going to do hit me? " ross said standing his ground and bob replied saying, " Only if you want me to ".

" Let me ask you something spongebob, if i hit him will you hit me back? " ross asked and bob said " It's bob bitch and if you do i will blow your fucking shit out ". Gerard stood watching, he knew how dangerous bob was...he actually intimidated gee so he stayed out of bob's way most of the time. Rosswell only smiled and turned to one of his onlooking friends " Hey go and get him let's see if punk ass bob can stand up to him " and the guy did.

Bob and ross stood face to face for what seemed like forever until the door opened and matt shadows from avenged sevenfold entered the room. He was built and was wearing a short sleeved black band shirt and sagged black jeans, on his face he had stunner shades and on his head a black durag and cap turned sideways.

" What up dudes?! " matt yelled and at the same time all the boys of my chem's stomach did backflips and cartwheels, everyone except bob's. " How you bitches doing? " matt said stopping infront of them cracking his knuckles, " Matt " gerard said bringing forth laughter from ross " Doesn't he sound cute with his scottish accent when he says your name? i wish he could say mines like that " ross laughed.

" So " rosswell said stepping up in bob's face again " Are you still going to hit me if i hit him? " and bob smiled saying, " Do it watch what i do ". And ross turned to ray who was sitting on the floor and punched him dead straight in the eye, when the fist connected with ray's soft flesh bob lost it and jumped on ross. Bob knocked him down and socked at his face 3 good times and then slammed the back of his head into the ground, ross called out for matt's help who grabbed bob in the air and threw him to the ground.

Matt punched bob 6 good times 3 in the face and 3 to the chest, his fist was so powerful he broke pieces of bob's rib cage causing him to spit out blood and guts. But bob was fighting so one of ross's friends called in zacky vengeance from A7X, who walked in with a gun and shot bob in the hand. Bob jerked up in pain and grabbed his left hand that he was shot in, trying to stop the blood and pain all the rest of the boys from my chem screamed out in agony for him.

Bob was knocked back down when he attempted to get up and run away by ross, matt and zacky and ross's other friend came and held him down with his arms's and legs spread on the floor. " Who the fuck do you think you are to hit me? " ross said, stepping on bob's hand while bob cried out " Here bitch i am god don't fucking crush me! " and with that he raised his foot in the air and broke bob'd first finger. All of the my chem boys cried out as bob yelled louder than he ever have before.

" Control that monkey " ross said as the 3 held bob down, ross looked at ray now " So you have a protector hey a mommy, a fucking daddy? " he said and ray beganned to scoot back as ross walked up. " What are you guys fucking? why does bob need to protect a ugly bitch like you i just don't know ", and with that he kicked ray in the left side of his cheek.

Ray's face swung into the small table behind him, tearing off shreds of his right cheeks skin " What can bitch ass bob do now? " and he kicked ray again in the stomach turning him over on his back. Bob was growing crazy over on the floor away from them, he was wiggling and yelling for ross to stop, but ross kept kicking ray in the side and saying " What can bob do about it now? ".

Ray layed still on the floor now, gazing up at ross " Can he protect you? " ross whispered " No " ray said and ross yelled " Can he?! " and ray answered again quietly, making ross raise his feet and stomp it onto ray's throat and ross yelled " Can he?! "..." No! " ray screamed. And it was the most heartwrenching gargled sound ever heard as ross's foot dug deeper into ray's throat.

Ray could feel the bones in his neck giving way and he felt a warm feeling run through his head, it rolled his eyes back and made him grit his teeth to breathe. He waved his arm's all around and stomped his feet but ross didn't give he only went harder...until...until gerard yelled:

" Please rosswell stop it! ".And all movement stopped everyone looked at gerard and everyone with their eyes pleaded with ross, ross breathed and let his foot slide off ray's neck. He was mesmerized by gerard's voice it was the only thing that calmed his crazy mind down " What did you say? " ross asked and gerard repeated, this time crying:

" Please stop it ".

And ross did...he had no choice.

Matt and zacky didn't let go of bob but they loosened their grip nonetheless, it was something how gerard commanded love even in midst of the sweetest love...death.

" And he saves another life yet again i am continually impressed with you " ross said coming over to gerard " Not only a angel of music but a angel of life and death ". Gerard lowered his head and started crying, his tears fell like the heaviest of god's rain from over where he stood frank's heart broke again he hated to see gerard cry...

" Oh baby gerard " frank whispered " We'll be alright ", this gained the attention of rosswell who smiled and said something. " Aww frankie do you love gerard? " and frankie looked at ross of course he did " Well guess what i do too and word of hint tell gerard to get stronger or he'll die here ". Frankie's eyes widened who in the world could kill gee? it would take a charles manson or hitler to do that, and even then if gerard showed his bunny eyes they couldn't do it either.

But the next word brung frankie from his trance " Do you mind if i kiss him? " ross said, frank's eyes grew wide he had serious jealousy issues and he could never stand for anyone to kiss gerard. That's why frankie hated bert so much no one could have gerard, frank even hated when gee kissed his wife he just wanted to kill any bitch who did that. " Please don't " frankie said " But why? i love him too don't you understand the fans deserve him more not you ".

And with that rosswell moved infront of gee and put both hands on his cheeks and slowly pulled him to him, " Please don't " frankie literally begged " Don't hurt me like that " but ross did anyway. The kiss was soft and sweet and everything gentle, gerard bursted out in tears as ross put his tongue in gee's mouth and nipped his pretty lips. Mikey and the others felt frankie's pain and emotionally beared with him.

Frankie didn't want to cry he was to strong for that but one stray tear slid down his face and he lowered his head, he hated ross now. Rosswell finally pulled away and watched as gerard covered his face with his hands and slid down the wall crying, he sat in a ball and mumbled sorry over and over and over again.

Ross and zacky smiled and matt said " Aww sucky sucky now " but the boys of my chem cried together, both for ray, bob, gerard, and strong frankie and frank finally found his voice saying, " It's alright i forgive you " and gerard looked up with his pure hazelnut bunny eyes and said:

" Me sorry fwankie " could he not be any more gorgeous?.

Harrow here sniffles...sorry it's so sad and violent but that's how it is don't hate me...Anyway fwankie might look incorrect to you but it's how cute children says that name my baby cousin says it like that so review and tell me what you think both about the torture and my 2 surprise characters review alright bye!.
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